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The Daily Moot (5/10/18)

1. Monster Hunter Coming to Switch This Year


While the new Monster Hunter: World isn’t coming to Switch, the Nintendo console is getting Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate on August 28th. The game is an updated version of Monster Hunter Generations, which originally released in 2016. Players will be able to hunt with up to 3 others for local or online play. You’ll even be able to transfer over your save data from the original version of the game.

  2. Crash Bandicoot Trilogy Releasing Early   The Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, which is a remade collection of the first three Crash Bandicoot games, came out for PlayStation 4 in June of 2017. The trilogy is coming to Switch, PC, and Xbox One this year sooner than expected. Originally slated for July 10th, the trilogy is now releasing almost 2 weeks early on June 29th. This marks the first time Crash Bandicoot will be playable on a non-PlayStation platform.

  3. New Phone and TV Apps Will Let you Stream Steam Games   The Steam Link app will let you stream games from your PC to your Android or Apple powered phones and TVs starting soon. The phones will need to be connected to the PC via a wired connection or 5GHz wireless connection for the service to work. The Steam Link app is set to come out the week of May 21st for both Android and Apple, although the Android app will be in beta when it releases. In a few months the Steam Video app will also release, which provides a similar service to Steam users but for Steam’s library of movies and TV shows.

  4. New Official Switch Accessory Will Make Tabletop Play Easier   Nintendo announced yesterday a new accessory for the Switch coming soon. A new charging stand is set to release on July 13th meant to enable easier tabletop play. Currently, due to the location of the charging port at the bottom of the Switch, it is quite annoying to try and setup your Switch on a table while it is charging. This new stand is meant to fix that problem, as you can pop your Switch in and it will charge as you play. Unlike the original docking station, the new stand does not block any portion of the screen.

  5. Sea of Thieves Finally Introduces Private Crews   In a Developer Update, the Executive Producer of Sea of Thieves announced a long-awaited feature: private parties. Players will now be able to set their crews to private, which will prevent random sailors from joining the party. In the same announcement, a new trailer for The Hungering Deep was teased. The trailer will be released next week, along with the release date of the content update.

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