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The Daily Moot (1/23/19)

1. Farming Simulator League Announced with 250,000€ in Prizes

If you thought esports was intense, wait until you hear about the Farming Simulator League. Last year the Farming Simulator Championship was apparently enough of a success that GIANTS Software is doubling down and investing in a full-fledged league; 10 tournaments will take place across Europe, leading up to a championship at the end of the year where one team will earn the title of Farming Simulator Champion. The competitive matches will be played in a new competitive 3v3 mode.

  2. Riot Games Teases what’s to come in 2019 for League of Legends   Yesterday Riot Games posted an amazing cinematic to build hype for the new League of Legends season, and today they’ve shared a short teaser video to showcase what players can expect from the game over the next year. To summarize what was teased in the video, which you can watch at the link below, we can expect: new game modes, new Marvel comics, a new Versus event, updates to Kayle and Morgana, returning skin lines, and new support champions. Sounds sweet to us!

  3. Fortnite’s Guns Fire Slower at Lower Framerates   It recently came to light that framerates were affecting the rate of fire of guns in PUBG, of all games. DrLupo, a popular Fortnite streamer, considered this issue may also affect Fortnite as the game’s share an engine (Unreal Engine 4). He tested it, confirmed lower framerates meant lower fire rates, and tweeted at Fortnite. Their response? “We're aware of this issue and are investigating a fix for it.” Well, if that ain’t somethin’.

  4. PUBG Adds Snowbikes and Night Mode to Vikendi   Vikendi is PUBG’s most recent map. The winter wonderland has received heavy praise for its map design and pace of play. A new update to the game has now brought a new snowbike to the map for players to enjoy. The snowbike has better mobility than the snowmobiles on Vikendi, but will blow up much more easily. Today’s update also introduced a nighttime setting to Vikendi, similar to fog or rain on older maps, that will allow players to battle under the moonlight and the aurora borealis. Neat!

  5. Blizzard Reveals Skins for Overwatch’s Year of the Pig   Every year, Blizzard has an event to celebrate Chinese New Year. This year is the year of the pig and Blizzard has just revealed some of the new skins coming to the game. Reaper, Hanzo, Reinhardt, Torbjörn, and Zenyatta will be getting new legendary skins. We have also seen new skins for Tracer, Orisa, and Brigitte on the Overwatch Korea YouTube channel. You can see all of the skins showcased so far in the article below. Overwatch’s Lunar New Year event starts tomorrow!

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