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The Daily Moot (5/8/18)

1. How to Play as Thanos in Fortnite


The new limited time Fortnite mode is now live and players can now play as Thanos himself! The new mode is solos only. Early in the game, Thanos’s gauntlet will fall from the sky inside the safe zone. The first player to pick it up becomes Thanos, with 800 health and 200 shield. Shields regenerate when you get a kill, but your health does not. When Thanos is killed, his gauntlet drops and a new player can pick it up.

  2. For Honor Season Six Adds New Map and Hero Reworks   The Season Six update for For Honor is slated to release on May 17th. The update will bring balance changes to the Orochi and Peacekeeper classes as well as a new map to all multiplayer modes except Tribute. There is also a season event planned, but Ubisoft will not be releasing information on that until we are closer to the patch’s release date.

  3. Egress is a New Battle Royale with Dark Souls-like Combat   Finally, a company released a trailer for a battle royale game with Dark Souls-like combat. Egress is a new game set to release this year with a new take on the battle royale genre that is currently taking the world by storm. Instead of a closing circle, Egress is set in a multi-leveled city with rising flood waters. The gameplay trailer shows several classes with unique abilities and up to 21 players. Solos and teams will both be supported. The below article includes the trailer and a link to sign up for the beta.

  4. Switch’s Online Feature Will Let You Backup Saves   Nintendo has begun to release more information about the online services they will be releasing in September and one of the best upcoming features is the ability to save your games online. Also included in the online package will be access to the smartphone app, which is currently free, and 20 NES games. The online services will cost $20/year for Switch owners.

  5. New PvP game Deathgarden Opens Sign Ups for Closed Alpha   The studio behind Dead by Daylight have been working on a new game and it is coming to closed alpha tomorrow. Deathgarden is an asymmetrical PvP game where 1 ‘hunter’ fights versus 5 ‘runners.’ The runners attempt to capture 2 of 3 points before the hunter kills 3 of them. Hunters get to choose different weapons and traps while runners get to choose their class and upgraded abilities. Sign up for the closed alpha today!

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