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The Daily Moot (1/18/19)

Happy Friday [insert Moot pun here]! In this week's episode of Moot Points with Dylan & Brian the guys discuss Red Dead Redemption 2's new battle royale mode, Gun Rush. Gun Rush is still rough around the edges but it has tons of potential. Will Gun Rush and RDR2 pose any threat to the existing battle royale games?

  2. Epic Games Announces Fortnite ‘Secret Skirmish’   Epic Games has announced the first big Fortnite tournament of 2019 will be the Secret Skirmish. We don’t know many details about the tournament yet, but we know it will feature the top players from every previous Open tournament. We also know the prize pool is $500,000 USD. Rumors claim the tournament will take place on February 14th-15th. More details will be announced soon.

  3. Bungie Talks About the Future of Destiny   Bungie and Activision split up last week, leaving the future of the Destiny franchise in question. The game’s franchise director posted on Bungie’s website to promise they will remain committed to Destiny in both the short and long terms. In the short term, players can expect more content. In the long term, Bungie will stay committed to Destiny and the universe they created.

  4. Netflix sees Fortnite as a Big Competitor   In a quarterly report, Netflix claimed they compete with Fortnite more than HBO. While at first thought this may be confusing, it actually makes sense. Fortnite exploded on Twitch last year, and kids (or adults) have been choosing to watch Fortnite instead of watch other things. With gaming growing more mainstream with every passing month, it will continue to compete with other more established forms of entertainment.

  5. Admin Account for Atlas was Compromised, Leading to Chaos   Atlas is the pirate-themed MMO that seems a lot like a reskinned version of Ark. The game has been struggling since it launched but some people are still having fun with it. In fact, one person yesterday had a ton of fun when they got ahold of an admin account for the game. This person spawned warplanes, tanks, and massive whales to mess with the game’s player base. Things got so chaotic that the game’s developers had to rollback servers to undo the mess.

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