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The Daily Moot (1/15/19)

News Picks

1. A Massive Icy Orb Appears in Fortnite, Starting Season 8 Buildup

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Buckle up buckaroos, it’s time for the wild ride that is Fortnite’s build up to Season 8. Last year, it was a purple cube. This year, it is an icy blue orb floating over the castle at Polar Peak. There is also the iceberg near Happy Hamlet with a universal health bar. This health bar depletes for everyone on all servers whenever anyone hits it with a pickaxe. At the current rate, we will find out what is inside the orb in just a couple short hours.

  2. Valve’s Artifact has lost 97% of Playerbase in 2 Months   To say Artifact is struggling would be an understatement. The game was incredibly hyped before it released, as it is a digital card game from a partnership between the creator of Magic: the Gathering and one of the biggest gaming companies in history. However, almost immediately after release we saw issues with Artifact. The game is exceedingly complex to play or watch and has a frustrating economical model. Valve certainly hasn’t given up on Artifact yet, but it sure seems like the gaming community at large has.

  3. Black Ops 4 Will Start a Free Trial of Blackout This Week   Starting this Thursday, Blackout will be free to play for one week. Activision and Treyarch announced the free trial for Blackout will be available on all platforms. This is just speculation, but this could be a trial run to see if it is worth it for Blackout to be permanently free to play. This would enable them to compete with Fortnite for a larger share of the battle royale playerbase, as Fortnite is notably free to play.

  4. Riot Games Publishes New Company Values   Riot Games, the creator of Legend of Legends, came under fire a few months ago due to allegations of a sexist and toxic workplace. Several previous employees came out with some concerning stories about their experience working at Riot Games. The company promised to improve and today they posted a new set of company values. Included in the new values, Riot promises they will cultivate a fair work environment and have their leaders embody and promote the company’s values. Only time will tell whether Riot Games, and specifically the higher up employees who seemed to be the root of the company’s problems, can actually adhere to the new values.

  5. KFC is Hosting a Blackout Tournament   Fast food restaurant KFC announced they are hosting a Blackout tournament featuring 16 content creators and a prize pool of $63,700. There is also a ‘KFC Black Card’ up for grabs, which will allow whoever wins it to eat for free at KFC every day. The event is going to start on January 17th with more information to revealed between now and then.

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