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The Daily Moot: Immortals Fenyx Rising

News Picks

1. Immortals Fenyx Rising

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Immortals Fenyx Rising has officially launched. Originally operating under the name Gods and Monsters, Ubisoft decided to rename the game after Monster Energy launched a trademark dispute claiming ownership rights to the name. Heavily inspired by Greek mythology, Immortals Fenyx Rising is a single player action-adventure game featuring the likes of Aphrodite, Daedalus, and Ares. Immortals Fenyx Rising is available on current and next-gen devices as well as cloud gaming services like Google Stadia and Amazon Luna; you can check out the launch trailer for the game below.

  2. Sea of Thieves Seasons   Sea of Thieves will soon be implementing a massive change to their future content rollouts. Instead of the monthly updates the game has long been known for, Sea of Thieves will be switching to a seasonal approach. Each season will last 3 months and will include 1 major content update as well as numerous smaller updates and events. The shift will also see the introduction of the new “Pirate Renown” reward system which will enable players to earn a wide variety of in-game items. The first season of Sea of Thieves is set to kick off in January of next year; you can check out the developer breakdown of all the changes below.

  3. Epic Freebies   Another week of freebies from Epic Games is here. This week’s free game is Cave Story+, an action-adventure game that pays homage to the classic era of 8 and 16-bit games. You can grab your free copy of Cave Story+ directly from the Epic Games Store from now until December 10. As long as you claim the game by December 10, it will stay in your library forever.

  4. The Game Awards Voting   Public voting for the Player’s Choice category of The Game Awards 2020 has officially opened. While most of the annual show’s awards are determined largely by a jury panel, the Player’s Choice award is decided exclusively by fans. The vote will be broken up into 3 rounds designed to whittle down the competition from 30 nominees to 1 grand prize winner. Some of the nominees include The Last of Us Part 2, Hades, Ori and the Will of the Wisp, Fortnite, and Among Us. The Game Awards 2020 is set to take place live on December 10.

  5. Liquid Swords Studios   Cristofer Sundberg has announced that he is opening up a brand new game development studio called Liquid Swords. Best known as the creator of the Just Cause series, Sundberg was one of the co-founders of Avalanche Studios but left the company early last year. In regards to Liquid Swords Studios, which was named after the acclaimed rap album from GZA of the Wu Tang Clan, Sundberg said he would maintain the same “no-nonsense, game development-focused approach” with an emphasis on "open world action, explosions, shareable experiences and memorable game moments.”

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