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The Daily Moot (1/3/19)

News Picks

1. Old Hearthstone Designers Announce They’re Making a Marvel Game

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Last year, Ben Brode and a few of his colleagues left Blizzard to found their own indie studio named Second Dinner. Brode had been the director and face of Hearthstone for several years, so his departure was big news in and of itself. The new studio has now announced their first game will be set in the Marvel universe. The announcement also reveals they have accepted an investment from the Chinese company NetEase to the tune of $30 million. We still don’t know what genre of game will be made, but hopefully that will be revealed soon.

  2. CS:GO had a Great Month after Going Free to Play   On December 7th, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive made the transition from a paid game to a free-to-play one. On the same day, Valve also added a battle royale mode to the game called Danger Zone. Looking at some of the figures for the game since then suggests the move was worth it, at least in the short term. Twice as many Steam users played CS:GO in December compared to the previous month. CS:GO has a valuable loot box system so Valve could still make remarkable profits off the game despite it being free to play.

  3. Spooky Gifs from Infinity Ward on Twitter Hint at a new Call of Duty Game   The communications manager for Infinity Ward has been posting a spooky gif on their twitter account almost daily since the end of November, but it was just noticed by the internet at large recently. The gifs include subjects like ghosts, demons, ghouls, and more. While some are guessing this is hinting at a sequel to Call of Duty: Ghosts, that may not be the most likely. For one, Ghosts didn’t have demons or ghouls. For two, it was a pretty crappy game to be honest and doesn’t particularly warrant a sequel. Hopefully we will get some more concrete hints soon enough.

  4. 14 Days of Fortnite Ends with Confusion   14 Days of Fortnite was a series of daily challenges that spanned two weeks. Players who completed all of the challenges by the end of the two weeks were meant to get a unique prize, the Equalizer Glider. Unfortunately, a bit of poor communication from Epic Games meant some players thought they would have a couple extra days to complete all of their challenges. To make it up to those specific players, Epic announced they will be giving the Equalizer Glider to all players who completed at least one of the 14 challenges.

  5. Blizzard Punishes 18,000 Overwatch Accounts in South Korea for Toxicity   Blizzard has struggled over recent years to keep toxicity out of Overwatch matches. In fact, reducing toxicity was one of the studio’s main goals for the popular game last year. Blizzard overhauled the game’s report feature, began tracking down bad behavior outside of the game, and added social features to promote positive behaviors. While these measures probably helped to some degree, they haven’t fixed the problem. Yesterday, Blizzard’s South Korean office started off the new year by banning 18,188 accounts for toxic behavior.

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