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The Daily Moot: Machine Learning to Fight Toxicity

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1. Overwatch Toxicity

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During Blizzard’s recent Fireside Chat, president J. Allen Brack revealed some new details about Blizzard’s approach to toxicity in Overwatch. Specifically, Brack explained that the company’s use of machine learning has been extremely successful, leading to “an incredible decrease not only in toxic text chat, but an overall decrease in reoffense rates” as well. Although the system originated in Overwatch, Blizzard has now started to implement it in other games such as Heroes of the Storm and World of Warcraft. Brack went on to say that Blizzard is “continuing to improve the speed and the accuracy of this system” and are looking to make small steps which “can add up to a lasting change.” You can check out the full Fireside Chat video below.

  2. AGDQ 2021   Awesome Games Done Quick 2021 has been announced. The annual speedrunning charity fundraiser will look to top 2020’s record-setting drive which raised more than $3 million for cancer research. Some of the games that will be featured at AGDQ 2021 include Celeste, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, and Cuphead, with several speedrunners looking to set new world records. AGDQ 2021 will be online only and is set to kick off on January 7.

  3. Watch Dogs: Legion Corrupted Saves   It appears that Watch Dogs: Legion may have a problem with corrupted save files. Many users have been reporting issues with the game’s save system which has apparently caused several players to lose all of their progress in the game. The corrupted save bug happens when players turn off their systems while the game is saving or don't exit the game properly. The root of the issue however is that the game often freezes when saving to exit, causing many players to turn off their systems to fix the freeze. Ubisoft has announced that they are aware of the issue, but said that they likely won’t have a patch ready until November 9.

  4. Fall Guys Godzilla   Fall Guys now has a Godzilla costume. The costume is part of an official collaboration with Godzilla distributor Toho, and arrives in celebration of Godzilla Day and the annual G-Fest Godzilla Festival in Japan. If you want the costume, it’s available for 10 Crowns in the Crown Store but will only be here for a limited time. You can check out the trailer for the Godzilla costume below.

  5. TwitchCon Announced   Twitch has officially announced “GlitchCon,” a virtual version of TwitchCon set to happen later this month. Not many details about the event have been revealed yet, but the announcement mentions an “interdimensional portal” and encourages users to “step inside.” Although Twitch didn’t give an exact time, they did say that GlitchCon is scheduled to take place on November 14.

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