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The Daily Moot: The Haunting of Verdansk

News Picks

1. The Haunting of Verdansk

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The Haunting of Verdansk is officially underway. As Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone’s Halloween event, The Haunting of Verdansk is bringing some big name horror collaborations to the game. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Saw have both made their way into the Call of Duty universe via new items and cosmetics such as the Billy skin for Morte, the Leatherface skin for Velikan, and the Phlebotomozier Lethal Equipment piece. The Halloween-themed limited-time event also introduces a new trick-or-treat reward system alongside multiple new game modes for both Modern Warfare and Warzone. The Haunting of Verdansk is set to run from today through November 3; you can check out the trailer for the event below.

  2. Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods   Doom Eternal’s first major DLC “The Ancient Gods: Part 1” is now available. The paid expansion adds plenty of new content to the game including 3 new campaign maps, new support runes, and the Maykr Slayer cosmetic collection. Alongside the launch of the DLC, Bethesda has also released the game’s third free update with minor improvements such as bug fixes, an upcoming “THANKSGIBBING” event, and new Battlemode features. You can watch the launch trailer for The Ancient Gods: Part 1 below.

  3. Destiny 2 Beyond Light Story Trailer   Bungie has released a new story reveal trailer for Destiny 2’s upcoming major expansion, Beyond Light. The trailer reveals that Guardians won’t be the only ones with new powers, as Eramis, a Fallen Captain who has sold her faction out to the Darkness, has acquired the power of Stasis. The Beyond Light expansion is set to launch on November 10; you can check out the story reveal trailer below.

  4. Hyper Scape Halloween Event   Hyper Scape continues to make improvements and attempt to regain some of its former glory, this time with a new Halloween event. The limited-time event includes 2 new game modes: The Crown Rush Solo mode which existed previously but this time will have Second Chance enabled, and the brand-new Dark Haze Squad mode which will arrive on October 27. As expected, the Halloween event also introduces plenty of cosmetics with a variety of new paid and free offerings available every day of the event. The Hyper Scape Halloween event is live now and will run until November 3; you can watch the trailer for the event below.

  5. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Post-Launch Plans   Although Assassin’s Creed Valhalla won’t come out until next month, Ubisoft has already revealed some of their post-launch plans for the game. Along with a variety of free seasonal content, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla will also be getting 2 major paid expansions shortly after launch. The first, which is expected to arrive in Spring 2021, is called Wrath of the Druids and will focus on an ancient Druidic cult in Ireland. The second expansion, The Siege of Paris, will arrive in Summer and will explore the saga of “the most ambitious battle in Viking history." Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is set to launch on November 10; you can check out the post-launch and season pass trailer below.

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    hmmm... interesting...

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    I love Halloween events!

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    they need the old writers back on assassins creed

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    Fix your Week giveaways thing

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    WARNING: I have purchased Jigsaw and was let down that you can’t use them in any other game mode except for Warzone and I don’t even play Warzone so I would complain for a refund but I know they give it to me so yeah just a warning.

  • Ccpthe3 LV.13 Pokémon Master Oct 21, 2020, 08:59 AM

    Please just fix the cheating...I haven't played in a while due to this and would like to start back up soon... Thanks

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    GO BEYOND THE LIGHT GUARDIANS we go to the dark side also moot nov 10 is when beyond light comes out

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    Mw was sickk

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    I can start grinding this game again

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    They should have a night mode all the time