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The Daily Moot (12/18/18)

News Picks

1. Fortnite Patch 7.10 is Live, but no Driftboards

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Despite a brief delay, Fortnite’s 7.10 patch is now live. Unfortunately, the patch does not include the promised Driftboard but we can expect that will be out soon enough. The update does bring some big changes though, as the map is more festive now and Stormwings have been nerfed. The planes now take more damage from flying into buildings and pilots will take more damage when a plane is destroyed. Also, 14 Days of Fortnite starts tomorrow. The event will bring fresh Limited Time Modes to the game each day for two weeks.

  2. Alfonso Ribeiro is Suing Epic Games for Stealing the Carlton Dance   Alfonso Ribeiro played Carlton in the Fresh Prince of Bel Air series. In the show, his character had an iconic dance move that has made its way into Fortnite. Ribiero is now suing Epic Games for copying his dance, just weeks after rapper 2 Milly sued Epic for copying the Milly Rock. Ribero’s attorney claims Epic copied his dance without asking permission or offering compensation. It is unclear how far the case will go, as Ribiero does not currently have a copyright on the dance.

  3. Legendary Pokemon Heatran Comes to Pokemon Go   Starting this afternoon, Legendary Pokemon Heatran will be available in Raid Battles in Pokemon Go. Players will have until 1 PM PST on January 15th to capture the Legendary Pokemon. Heatran is the third Legendary from Generation 4 to come to the popular mobile game. Today is also the beginning of Pokemon Go’s holiday event, which includes bonuses like double Stardust, double Candy, and free Incubators.

  4. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Sells 3 Million Copies in 11 Days   Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has been flying off the physical and digital shelves since it launched on December 7th. In fact, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was already the best pre-selling Nintendo Switch title, but it is now the fastest-selling Switch game after release as well. While these numbers speak to the popularity of the Super Smash Bros series, it also shows the growing popularity of the Nintendo Switch console in the US and abroad. Do you have a Switch? Do you want one? You could win one right now, in fact! Check out The Moot Game Awards linked at the bottom of this post!

  5. Steam’s Winter Sale gets a Start Date   Steam sales are always a special time, but the winter one is particularly special. Something about the festive theme of it all, or maybe it’s all the Steam Gift Cards we get for Christmas, make it feel magical. The Steam Winter Sale will officially begin on December 20th. The same day also marks the start of the 2018 Steam Awards voting.

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