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The Daily Moot (12/17/18)

1. Epic Games adding a Driftboard to Fortnite

Apparently season 7 is the season of sweet new vehicles, as Epic Games just revealed another one they’ll be adding to their battle royale mode soon. The Driftboard is a single person vehicle that resembles a snowboard. The announcement text refers to as a ‘single player vehicle’ which suggests you won’t be able to have a friend ride along on your shoulders. Expect the Driftboard to come to the game this week with the 7.10 update.

  2. Kingdom Hearts III Leaks Six Weeks Early   Copies of Kingdom Hearts III have leaked, with some people offering to sell a copy of the game for up to $100. While it is normal for some aspects of a game’s story to leak a few days before the game releases, the fact that Kingdom Hearts III leaked so far ahead of its release is concerning. The game’s director warned fans to watch out for spoilers, but he assured us that the ending of the game is not actually in the versions currently out. So while some of the game may be spoiled by the time we get to play it next year, hopefully we can stay blissfully unaware of the game’s ending until we get to experience it ourselves.

  3. World of Warcraft’s Holiday Event is Underway   The Feast of Winter Veil has come to Azeroth, offering players a way to celebrate the holidays in game. Until January 2nd, players will notice the world is covered in seasonal decorations. You will also find holiday quests in Orgrimmar and Ironforge, as is tradition. Finally, there are seasonal gifts for players in game as well.

  4. Battlefield V Undoing TTK Changes after Complaints   It’s nice to see a company admit they messed up. In this case, DICE implemented some changes to their game to extend the Time To Kill (TTK) to make a more new player friendly experience. However, many players felt they took it too far. DICE announced this morning they will be reverting the changes from last week’s patch. The TTK is an incredibly important aspect of any shooter game, so it will be interesting to see how DICE continues to try and balance it for an optimal play experience in Battlefield V.

  5. Total Player Numbers for PS4 Games Revealed   Sony has offered PS4 owners a cool social media program called ‘My PS4 Life’ that allows them to see how they’ve spent their time. Some players discovered they could use the information from the videos, specifically how many users have earned a trophy, combined with the % of players who have that trophy to figure out exactly how many people have played each game. While the numbers may not be exact, they are still interested. Unsurprisingly, GTA V is at the top of the list with 51.7 million players. Check out all the numbers and see a more detailed explanation at the link below.

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