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The Daily Moot: Apex Legends Season 6 Trailer

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1. Apex Legends Season 6 Trailer

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Apex Legends Season 6 is almost here and it’ll be adding some pretty big changes to the battle royale. Specifically, Season 6 will introduce crafting to the game. It’s still unclear exactly how crafting will work, but the new mechanic coincides with Apex’s upcoming new Legend, Rampart, who is described in her bio as an “expert modder who made her name in underground fight clubs.” Rampart and Apex Legends Season 6 are set to arrive on August 18; you can check out the launch trailer for the upcoming season below.

    2. Suicide Squad Game Confirmed   Rocksteady Studios has officially announced that they are making a Suicide Squad game. This confirms rumors of the game’s development which have been circulating for a few months now. Rocksteady is best known as the team behind the Arkham series of Batman games, so it’ll be interesting to see how they craft a more villainous type of gameplay. Although very few details about the Suicide Squad game have been released yet, we can expect more information to be revealed at the upcoming DC FanDome event on August 22.

  3. Braid: Anniversary Edition   Braid will soon be getting a “hand-repainted” anniversary edition remake. Braid, which was first released in 2008, was solo developed by Jonothan Blow and is largely credited as a catalyst for gaming community’s widespread interest in indie games today. Aside from the hand-repainted graphics and improved visuals, the anniversary edition will also expand the game as well as introduce new features. Braid: Anniversary Edition is set to launch sometime in 2021; check out the game's announcement trailer below.

  4. Hearthstone: Scholomance Academy   Hearthstone: Scholomance Academy is now live. The latest expansion to the digital CCG, Scholomance Academy introduces 135 new cards to the game, 40 of which are Dual-Class cards that feature a new mechanic called “Spellburst.” Spellburst enables players to take advantage of mechanics that are unique to classes other than their own, such as using Mage spells in a Shaman deck. All players who log into Hearthstone before October 27 will get a free legendary card from the expansion, with an additional 6 card packs up for grabs by completing the Scholomance Academy quests.

  5. Spelunky 2 Release Date   Spelunky 2 now has an official release date. Developer Derek Yu had been pretty silent about the game since he first announced it back in 2017, but he finally revealed some new information about the sequel during Sony’s State of Play event. Derek Yu explained his desire to make the world of Spelunky 2 “feel much more rich and dynamic than Spelunky 1,” as well as increase the accessibility of the game while maintaining its high degree of difficulty. Spelunky 2 is set to launch on PS4 on September 15, with a PC launch coming shortly thereafter as Yu said he needs “a little extra time to iron out online multiplayer on PC.” You can check out the State of Play release date trailer for Spelunky 2 below.

    We have also added new Apex Legends badges! Read more about them here:

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