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The Daily Moot: CES 2021 Cancelled

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1. CES 2021 Cancelled

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CES 2021 has been cancelled. One of the largest annual tech shows in the world, CES will not be taking place in Las Vegas next year. Instead, organizers are planning a digital replacement for the event, which is known for producing high-profile product announcements from companies like Nvidia, AMD, and Intel. No date for the digital replacement of CES 2021 has been announced yet, but we do know that the show will take place sometime in January. Organizers plan to return the event to Las Vegas in 2022.

  2. Rainbow Six Siege Patch Delayed   Today’s planned patch for Rainbow Six Siege has been delayed. Ubisoft released a statement saying that “due to unforeseen circumstances,” the patch would be postponed to a “later date.” The patch was set to buff Gridlock, Orxy, and Fuze as well as provide some small mechanical changes to how Nomad's airjabs and Oryx's dash work with walls. It’s unclear when the patch will now arrive, but we’ll likely get some more info in the coming days.

  3. Red Dead Online Naturalist Update   A huge new update is coming to Red Dead Online, bringing massive changes to the game. Called the Naturalist update, the latest patch introduces a new role and frontier pursuit called the Naturalist. As Naturalists, players can hunt down new legendary animals to study them or alternatively slay the beasts for their legendary pelts. Despite having multiple options, players will have to commit to either a lethal or non-lethal approach for their Naturalist campaigns as the Conservationists won’t do business with poachers. The Naturalist update is set to hit Red Dead Online live servers later today.

  4. Cuphead on PS4   Cuphead is now available on PS4. Developer MDHR decided to launch the game as a surprise release, shouting out the “impassioned PlayStation fans” who have long been hoping for a PS port. Despite the PlayStation announcement, MDHR also mentioned that they are “hugely thankful to the wonderful team at Xbox” and said the Xbox version of the game will be receiving a free update which will introduce “a digital art gallery, behind-the-scenes commentary features, and playable soundtrack to the game.”

  5. Eiyuden Chronicle   Eiyuden Chronicle, a spiritual successor to Suikoden, is now coming to fruition. The game is being developed by a team composed entirely of the original Suikoden developers and will feature many elements that were mainstays in the classic series. In order to fund development, Eiyuden Chronicle started a Kickstarter campaign which demolished its $500,000 goal in just 2 hours and has now raised over $1.5M in less than a day. With development ready to commence, Eiyuden Chronicle is set to launch in October 2022.

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