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The Daily Moot (12/12/18)

News Picks

1. Overwatch Winter Wonderland is now Live

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Overwatch’s holiday event is live now, with plenty of new skins, emotes, and other cosmetics for you to unlock. This year doesn’t actually introduce a new holiday-themed game mode, but Blizzard has brought back both Yeti Hunter and Mei’s Snowball Offensive. Some of the new holiday skins include Snowboarder Zarya, Arctic Fox Lucio, and Junkrat Krampus. What’s your favorite skin from this year’s Winter Wonderland? Let us know!

  2. Battle Royale Tycoon lets you Run a BR Theme Park   It’s a battle royale world, and we’re just gaming in it. Battle Royale Tycoon takes things fully meta and lets you run your own battle royale theme park. Much like Rollercoaster Tycoon has you design rollercoasters for your guests, Battle Royale Tycoon lets you design battle royales for them. Just like any other theme park, you’ll need to hire staff, set up bathrooms, and create food accomodations for your guests. But then instead of riding rides, they’ll try to kill each other. The game is in Steam Early Access if you’d like to play it, or you can check out the article linked below to read more and see some gameplay.

  3. New Shadow of the Tomb Raider DLC Coming Next Week   Shadow of the Tomb Raider has been flying under the radar as a great game that came out this year, but that isn’t stopping the team behind the game. They released their first DLC, called The Forge, in October and now the game’s second DLC is coming out next week. The new DLC is called The Pillar and we don’t know the exact details of it yet, but we do know it releases on December 18th. If you’re interested in Shadow of the Tomb Raider, you can still play the game’s first few levels for free now!

  4. Artifact is Struggling to Keep a Playerbase   Artifact, Valve’s digital card game that released late last month, has been steadily losing players. According to SteamCharts and SteamDB the game peaked at 60,740 concurrent players on November 29th. In the last 24 hours, there were only 12,670 concurrent players. That’s a massive falloff for a game that is so new and has all the advantage’s Artifact has. It is uncertain whether Artifact’s issues stem from the game’s complexity, its economic model, or something else. Have you tried Artifact? Are you interested in the game at all? Let us know!

  5. Stardew Valley Multiplayer on Switch is Finally Here   A new update went live this morning that has brought multiplayer to Stardew Valley on the Nintendo Switch. Fans of the game have been waiting for this for a while now, so it is exciting to see the day has finally come. The update supports 4-player online co-op play. You can invite up to 3 friends to a single-player save you already have, or you can start fresh. There is also support for both voice and text chat with your friends while you play. Pretty sweet!

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