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The Daily Moot: Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War

News Picks

1. Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War

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The next Call of Duty game has been confirmed to be Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War. This news was revealed accidentally via a Doritos promotion which leaked the name of the previously unannounced game. The promotion itself runs from October 5 to October 31 and gives players bonus xp codes which may suggest that the game’s launch date will be around that time frame. At any rate, we can now expect many more details to start flooding in about Black Ops: Cold War now that the secret has been let out.

  2. Hideo Kojima Horror Game   It sounds like Hideo Kojima may be working on a new game. According to a recent interview, Kojima recently invited manga artist Junji Ito to collaborate on a “horror-based game that he may be doing.” Although this doesn’t necessarily mean that the potential project will come to fruition, it certainly is great news for fans of Kojima’s horror games who have been patiently waiting for a new Silent Hill.

  3. Apex Legends Crossplay Info   Crossplay will soon be coming to Apex Legends and Respawn has now released some more details about the upcoming feature. Although crossplay will enable players from Origin, Steam, Xbox One, PS4, and Switch versions to play together, some of the platforms will be disabled by default. Namely, console players will not be matched against PC players unless they have a PC player on their team. Crossplay is expected to hit Apex Legends sometime this fall.

  4. Fortnite Cars Delayed   Cars are still coming to Fortnite, but they’ll be arriving a bit later than planned. Originally expected to launch this week, it seems that the shiny new vehicles had to be delayed in order for bug fixing. Epic Games released a statement acknowledging the delay, and saying that the new cars should now come to Fortnite in “a few weeks.”

  5. Ghost of Tsushima Difficulty Levels   Ghost of Tsushima just got a new update today, adding additional difficulty levels as well as implementing more accessibility options. In case Ghost of Tsushima was too relaxed for you, you’ll now be able to play on “Lethal” difficulty which greatly increases enemy damage as well as your own. On the other hand, if Ghost of Tsushima is proving to be a bit too challenging, you can now turn down the difficulty to “lower intensity mode” so that you can enjoy the “heart and feel” of the game without having to worry so much about combat.

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    Big moves the apex crossplay is gonna be nice, faster queue times hopefully. The New CoD better have a BR.🤘

  • ArcticBravo LV.28 Elite Four Jul 30, 2020, 12:42 AM

    There are rumours that Warzone may carry over to the new CoD, but we'll wait and see!

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    Ah interesting

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    super excited to see what junji ito and hideo kojima will bring us

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    Been waiting on that new cod especially where the setting was in Vietnam/Cold War era this game seems promising and I might buy

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    Let’s gooooo.

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    I can’t breathe I’m waiting for the x hell

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    Thank you so much

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    damn this looks exciting

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