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The Daily Moot: Xbox Series X Velocity Architecture

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1. Xbox Series X Velocity Architecture

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Jason Ronald, the Director of Program Management for the Xbox Series X, just revealed new information about the console's “Velocity Architecture” design. Ronald described the feature by saying, “If our custom designed processor is at the heart of the Xbox Series X, the Xbox Velocity Architecture is the soul.” Specifically, Velocity Architecture is supposed to drastically improve loading times and can theoretically enable the Xbox Series X to achieve performance results beyond its expected hardware capabilities. According to Ronald, this should result in “the virtual elimination of loading times” and will enable developers to create “larger, more dynamic living worlds.”

  2. Overwatch: Sigma’s Maestro   A new Overwatch event kicks off today. Called Sigma’s Maestro Challenge, the event provides players the opportunity to earn a variety of rewards, including a new legendary skin, by completing specific challenges. In order to maximize rewards and claim the legendary skin, players will have to secure 9 wins in Quick Play, Competitive, or Arcade. There are also 6 new sprays available, which can be claimed by watching Overwatch streamers on Twitch.

  3. PUBG Sanhok Remastered   PUBG’s jungle map Sanhok will soon be getting a new look. As part of Season 8, Sanhok will be remastered to make the environment “more overgrown and dangerous.” The changes will both overhaul existing locations, such as Boot Camp and Quarry, as well as introduce entirely new locations. If you want to explore the overhauled map and work towards becoming king of the jungle, the remastered Sanhok is expected to be playable on the PUBG test servers starting tomorrow. PUBG Season 8 is set to begin on July 22.

  4. Hearthstone Scholomance Academy   A new Hearthstone expansion is on the way. Called Scholomance Academy, the expansion is heavily magic themed and will inject 135 new cards into the game. Scholomance Academy will also be introducing a new mechanic to the game via dual-class cards which will allow you to take advantage of abilities unavailable to your own class. For example, a Mage could use Devolve and Combo mechanics and a Rogue could use Mage spells. Scholomance Academy is set to arrive in August; you can check out the cinematic trailer for the expansion below.

  5. Hyper Scape Australian Servers   The Hyper Scape open beta just began earlier this week, but Ubisoft is already making improvements. In response to player feedback, Ubisoft has now implemented Australian servers for the game. This should drastically improve match quality and reduce latency for Oceanic players who will be automatically connected to the new Australian server. Although this change will have little impact on the vast majority of the playerbase, it’s still nice to see Ubisoft’s commitment to the battle royale and their willingness to listen to player feedback.

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