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The Daily Moot (12/3/18)

News Picks

1. Fortnite Season 7 Teasers Begin

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The first teaser for Fortnite’s seventh season warns “a bitter ice spreads.” The image shows a mysterious icy figure that at the least hints at a potential new skin. Season 7 starts in just 3 days, so we can expect another couple images from the Fortnite twitter before then. Hopefully the plot of season 7 relates to the once-in-a-lifetime event where players were sent into a white void, because we still want an explanation about what exactly that was. What do you all expect from Fortnite season 7?

  2. First Red Dead Online Patch Focuses on the Economy   Remember all those times we said Red Dead Online would be shaped on community feedback? Well, Rockstar just revealed their plans for Red Dead Online’s first update and it seems to address the community’s biggest complaint: the economy. Rockstar said the in-game economy “will require some additional balancing in order to insure all activies are appropriately rewarding and fun.” In-game activities provide players with gold, which are used in the in-game Store to purchase cosmetic items now and microtransactions in the future.

  3. Heroes of the Storm Holiday Event has a Toy Theme   Heroes of the Storm has generally been a fun and well-made game, which makes their new holiday update perfectly on-brand. The new event turns heroes into different action figures and stuffed animals. Stitches is now Cuddle Bear Stiches. Dehaka is now Dehakasaurus Rex. You get the idea. There are also new mounts that match the theme of the event, like the legendary stuffed unicorn mount. Finally, there is a new in-game announcer. “The Kid” from the trailer will be available as an in-game announcer, which is perfectly fine with us as he is gosh-darn adorable just like the rest of the event. All the fun starts December 7th.

  4. More Details about Stellaris’ Megacorp Expansion   We knew from the expansion reveal that Megacorp would focus on bringing big business to Stellaris on an intergalactic scale, but a recent video outlines more details about how exactly the Megacorp expansion will do just that. First, there’s a new planet type called Ecumenopolis; these are ‘city planets’ that will support massive populations, and presumably provide massive business opportunities. There are also new intergalactic salesmen called Caravaneers who will provide you with great deals when you see them. The expansion will release alongside the free Le Guin update, which reworks the game’s economy. You can buy Megacorp for $20 USD and it will be live this Thursday.

  5. First Battlefield 5 Update comes out Tomorrow   Despite a bumpy launch, Battlefield 5 is putting out its first free batch of content tomorrow. The update, called Overture, is a part of the Tides of War series of content DICE announced last month. Overture adds a new multiplayer map called Panzerstorm that focused on vehicle combat. The new single-player mission included in Overture is called The Last Tiger. The Last Tiger also focuses on tank combat, as it puts you one of the famed German Tiger 1 tanks. Finally, Overture introduces some new cosmetic options for vehicles and adds a couple new arcade modes.

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