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The Daily Moot (11/28/18)

News Picks

1. Valve’s Card Game ‘Artifact’ Releases on Steam Today

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Artifact is the highly-anticipated digital card game from Valve that has had fans eagerly awaiting today. The game is based on Dota 2 and as such utilizes a three-lane board setup similar to the famous MOBA game. Artifact is designed by legendary game designer Richard Garfield, who famously created Magic: the Gathering 25 years ago, and promises incredibly satisfying strategic gameplay. You can buy the game itself for $20 on the Steam store and you can now buy individual Artifact cards on the marketplace as well.

  2. Esports to be an Official Medal Sport in the SEA Games   We just took another step toward seeing esports in the Olympics when yesterday the Philippines South East Asian Games Organizing Committee announced they will include esports as an official medal sport in the 2019 South East Asian Games. Earlier this year, esports were included as a demonstration sport in the Asia Games. So far the only game announced is Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, but the other titles are expected to be finalized by December 15th.

  3. FTC to Investigate Loot Boxes   The US Federal Trade Commission will investigate loot boxes after Senator Maggie Hassan’s continuous attempts to raise concerns on the matter. The Entertainment Software Association previously declined to investigate loot boxes, as president Michael Gallagher claimed the loot box is ‘quite different’ from gambling and regulating loot boxes would impair the ability of the industry “to continually test new business models.” The biggest concern with loot boxes is how game companies can create predatory business models targeted at their young player bases.

  4. Guacamelee! 2 is Coming to the Switch and Xbox One   Guacamelee! 2 released exclusively on the PlayStation 4, but that period of exclusivity was short lived. On December 10th the game is releasing on the Nintendo Switch and in January of next year it will be coming to the Xbox One. Switch owners can pre-order the game now to save 10%. The game’s first DLC pack also just released on PlayStation 4 for $2.99. It will be available on the Switch and Xbox One when the game releases on those platforms.

  5. Nintendo Switch Sells Big Over Thanksgiving Weekend   Over the five-day period starting with Thanksgiving and ending with Cyber Monday the Nintendo Switch was the best-selling video game product online. This made it the most successful Nintendo product ever in that critically important five-day window. You can expect the Nintendo Switch to continue selling well through the holiday season, especially with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate releasing on December 7th.

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