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The Daily Moot: Video Games are Medicine

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1. Video Games are Medicine

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The United States Food and Drug Administration just announced that video games can now be prescribed as medicine. The FDA approved its first medically certified video game, EndeavourRX, which has shown to be an effective treatment for symptoms of ADHD. EndeavourRX is reminiscent of classic platformers like Crash Bandicoot, but unlike other games you can only play EndeavourRX if your doctor prescribes it to you. It’s great to see the world finally begin to realize and promote the positive aspects of games. You can check out the trailer for EndeavourRX below.

  2. Fortnite Device Event   Fortnite’s Device event happened yesterday, flooding the map with water and paving the way for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3. The event replaced the game’s classic purple storm with a “fish-filled wall of water that you can swim in.” The Device event also included interactive first-person cutscenes which many players think could lead to a first-person game mode in the near future. Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 is set to kick off tomorrow, June 17.

  3. Valorant Esports   Riot Games has officially announced an esports league for Valorant. Dubbed the “Ignition Series,” Riot will hold a series of tournaments in several regions across the globe. The first tournaments will be the G2 Esports Valorant Invitational (which will feature teams from Europe, Middle East, and Africa) and the Rage Valorant Japan Invitational. Both tournaments are set to begin this Friday on June 19. As for the Americas region, the Ignition Series is expected to begin on June 26 but many of the details are still unconfirmed.

  4. Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality Ends   Itch’s Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality has now come to an end. The bundle, which ended up offering nearly $10,000 worth of games for just $5, was a massive success. As the result of more than 800,000 individual contributions, the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality raised over $8 million, smashing its $5 million goal. All of the proceeds will be evenly split between the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and Community Bail Fund.

  5. Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory   A new Kingdom Hearts game is on the way, but it’s probably not what you were expecting. Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory will be a rhythm game that tests your timing like Dance Dance Revolution, Guitar Hero, or most similarly Final Fantasy Theatrhythm. Square Enix explained that the game is part of the “Kingdom Hearts series 2nd Phase,” which also includes Kingdom Hearts 3: Re:Mind and Kingdom Hearts Dark Road. You can check out the trailer for Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory below.

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