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The Daily Moot (4/12/18)

1. God of War Gets Amazing Critic Reviews, including 10/10s

Critics are starting to release their reviews of God of War and they are certainly exciting. Multiple websites, including Polygon and IGN have given it a perfect 10/10 and metacritic currently has it is a 94 out 100. The author for Polygon’s review, Chris Plante, focuses on how God of War makes some notable changes from the original game. Kratos is a parent now, and as such acts a bit differently than he did in the original game. Don’t fret though, it is still a God of War game with the fluid combat we know and love. Read the rest of the review below and get hyped for God of War, releasing on 4/20. We know Team Moot is hyped! 😉

  2. Destiny 2 Expansion ‘Warmind’ Announced for May 8th   Bungie announced yesterday both the name and release date of their next expansion. Warmind will feature new locations, new heroes, and new enemies for players to fight and will release on May 8th. There’s no trailer yet, but according to Destiny 2 community manager Deej we can expect one on April 24th. In the same announcement, Bungie elaborated on their roadmap for 2018. While the roadmap does include some highly requested features, like weapon randomization, many of them are slated to come much later in the year. Warmind better be a great expansion for us to still be around by then.

  3. New PUBG Patch Changes Speed of Blue Zone to Improve Pace of Play   Yesterday Bluehole announced a new update with changes to Mirimar and the blue zone. On Mirimar, they have added some new roads, vehicle spawns, and high-tier loot areas to draw more action to the Northeastern and Northwestern parts of the map. Regarding the blue zone, it will now start moving sooner meaning players have less time between zones to loot, heal, and get moving. However, it will start to move more slowly towards the end of the game while dealing higher damage. It will be interesting to see how serious of an effect on the pace of play this change has. Finally, they have removed clothing spawns from the game! We think everyone will be happy about that one.

  4. COD: WWII DLC Introduces Aerial Combat and the Egyptian Front   The second DLC pack for the new Call of Duty game is now available. ‘The War Machine’ DLC brings players to the historic Dunkirk location, a rocket testing site in Germany called V2, and even to the oft-forgotten Egyptian front. Those three locations comprise the new maps in the DLC for multiplayer. Players also get to fly a plane for the first time in the Call of Duty franchise in the new Operation Husky. Lastly, the new Zombie map is located in Berlin and features NPCs getting attacked by the undead horde alongside the players, which is a nice touch in our opinion.

  5. King of Kong’s Billy Mitchell’s High Scores Wiped Out by Twin Galaxies   If most of the words in the title confuse you, don’t fret. Billy Mitchell is a classic video gamer who has held several high score records since the 1980s. Twin Galaxies is a company that tracks official high scores for games, including many held by Billy Mitchell. King of Kong is a 2007 documentary that told the story of rivals Billy Mitchell and Steve Wiebe. Recently, several of Billy Mitchell’s high scores in Donkey Kong came under suspicion and this morning Twin Galaxies announced they were tossing out all of his high scores. The evidence against Mitchell confirmed he used an emulator when he got over a million points in Donkey Kong. Although some high-score organizations allow emulators, Twin Galaxies only accepts scores on the original machines. With Mitchell’s scores erased, Steve Wiebe now holds the title for the first 1 million point game in Donkey Kong.

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