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The Daily Moot (4/11/18)

1. The Overwatch Archives Event is Now Live

Overwatch Archives is now live with a new brawl mission and new skins. The new brawl, called Overwatch Retribution, lets you play as a team of four Blackwatch members against a swarm of Talon units. If that doesn’t interest you, you can also play last year’s Uprising mission for the duration of the event. There are also over 100 new cosmetic items, plus last year’s item available in crates and for a discounted rate. Overwatch Archives will last until April 30th, so make sure to get what you want before it’s gone!

  2. Fortnite Patch V3.5 is Out Now; Port-a-Fort, Replays, and 50v50 V2   Epic Games deployed a new patch for Fortnite today and it is a bit of a saucy one. The patch includes the Port-a-Fort that was announced yesterday, but it also includes the highly anticipated replay feature. The Moot team saw a bit of the replay feature for ourselves at GDC 2018 and were seriously impressed. As we saw with PUBG, we’re sure that moviemakers will love the new tool and start releasing amazing content very soon. The patch also brings back the 50v50 Limited Time Mode, but with some tweaks. Teams now start on different buses, have different sides of the map marked off, and will get to see the final circle location from the beginning.

  3. Monster Hunter World’s First Global Event Launches   The Spring Blossom Festival is the first global event for Monster Hunter World, and it brings some exciting additions to the game. Event quests have returned, there is a new set of Blossom armor, and more. Players will receive extra login rewards, including both a second Lucky Voucher and a new Spring Blossom Ticket. Players will have the opportunity to receive not just new armor but also a new weapon, the Wyvern Ignition Greatsword. This fan-designed weapon awaits hunters who complete the event quest called “Every Hunter’s Dream.” Make sure to get everything finished by April 19th, when the event ends.

  4. Xbox One X Enhances Backwards Compatibility, Includes Red Dead Redemption   In a continued effort to improve the experience of playing older titles of the Xbox One X, Microsoft recently announced a list of 6 titles that will see improvements on the new system. According to Microsoft, the enhanced games will be able to run at a significantly higher resolution and pixel count without needing to actually alter the original code. The list of recently enhanced games includes Darksiders, Portal 2, and Red Dead Redemption. The article below also links to a video where you can see a side by side comparison of Red Dead Redemption on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One X. Suffice it to say, the difference is impressive.

  5. Radical Heights Early Access is a Mess With Potential   Radical Heights represents a couple growing trends in the gaming industry. For one, it’s another battle royale game in a rapidly saturating market. Additionally, it is in “X-Treme Early Access” with tons of bugs and missing features. Some areas of the map even have buildings with no textures whatsoever. But, according to some of the people who have tried it, the game is actually pretty fun. It has a couple unique takes on the battle royale genre, like how it handles the safe zone and the in-game currency system. Riding the bicycles in the game is reason enough to try it in our mind. Give it a shot, the game is free on Steam now.

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