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The Daily Moot (11/20/18)

1. Fortnite’s Dynamite has been Temporarily Disabled

Epic Games launched a Wild West themed Limited Time Mode this morning and the dynamite they added to it has already been disabled. Apparently the game was experiencing an increase in crashed, seemingly caused by the new explosive weapon. The Wild West game mode restricts players to ‘frontier times’ weapons like the six shooter, shotguns, and hunting rifles. Hopefully dynamite will return soon, as the mode feels a bit lacking without it.

  2. Ubisoft Reverts Rainbow Six Siege Censorship Changes   A few weeks ago, Ubisoft announced their intent to implement sweeping aesthetic changes to many of their character models to comply with Chinese censorship regulations. After loud and unanimous community feedback against these changes, Ubisoft is caving to pressure and reverting them alongside the launch of the Wind Bastion update. Hopefully the extra changes being added to the Wind Bastion update won’t delay its release, but Ubisoft has said it is possible that may happen.

  3. Civilization 6 Expansion Announced   Sid Meier’s Civilization VI is an awesome turn-based strategy game that gives players tons of options for how to play and win. Earlier this morning, 2K games announced the Gathering Storm expansion pack that will release on Valentines Day of next year. The expansion will give players even more ways to play and win, as it introduces geology and climatology to create the feel of a living and breathing world. There will also be a new World Congress, a new diplomatic victory option, and more engineering projects, civics trees, units, wonders, districts, buildings, and more.

  4. Warframe now Available on Nintendo Switch   Warframe is a free to play third-person co-op action game that is available on the Nintendo Switch as of this morning. The game has experienced a resurgence in popularity over the last year as the studio that makes it has been pumping out free content updates and listening to community feedback intently. New players on the Switch will get a nice starter pack of in-game items to get them rolling, including 50,000 credits and a 3-day Affinity Booster to level up gear faster.

  5. New League of Legends Champion ‘Neeko’ Revealed   Neeko, The Curious Chameleon, was revealed yesterday afternoon as League of Legend’s next champion. The “flower mage” will presumably be played in the mid lane, where she will specialize in tricking her opponents. Neeko’s passive will allow her to take on the appearance of an allied champion to help her confuse her opponents. She has a nice assortment of damaging and controlling abilities, so if you like mages you’ll hopefully love Neeko!

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