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The Daily Moot: Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 Delayed Again

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1. Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 Delayed Again

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 has been delayed yet again. This marks the third time that the upcoming season, which was originally slated to begin in May, has been delayed. In their statement, Epic Games expressed their desire to show solidarity with the current protest movements and explained that they needed to “balance the Season 3 launch with time for the team to focus on themselves, their families and their communities.” Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 will now launch on June 17, with the lead-up event “The Device” expected to take place 2 days prior on June 15.

  2. GTA Online and Red Dead Online Shut Down   GTA Online and Red Dead Online both shut down their servers today in order to honor the memory of George Floyd. Rockstar Games is one of many prominent figures in the gaming community that have shown solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement this week, joining others such as Humble Bundle, EA, Ubisoft and more. The servers for GTA Online and Red Dead Redemption were shut down for a total of 2 hours, from 2-4 pm Eastern Time, and are now back online.

  3. Infinity Ward on Racism in CoD   Infinity Ward has announced that they are cracking down on racism in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. In their statement Infinity Ward said, “there is no place for racist content in our game,” and admitted that they needed to “do a better job.” In order to accomplish these goals, the studio has committed to adding new resources for combating racist content and usernames, and will be amping up the punishments for violators.

  4. Battlefield 5 Final Update   The final major update for Battlefield 5 is now live. The update introduced 2 new maps to the game, Al Marj Encampment and a redesigned Provence, as well as an arsenal of new weapons and vehicles. Battlefield 5 will continue to receive minor patches and quality-of-life improvements, but this will be the game’s final major content update. As for the future of the Battlefield franchise, the next game in the series is expected to arrive sometime during the 2022 fiscal year.

  5. Project Cars 3 Announced   Slightly Mad Studios has just announced Project Cars 3. The racing sim, which is known for its heavy emphasis on realistic graphics and vehicle physics, is expected to bring a lot of new features to the table. Compared to its predecessors, the upcoming sequel will have a completely rebuilt career mode and will finally introduce car mods and upgrades to the game. Project Cars 3 is expected to launch this summer; check out the announcement trailer below.

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  • Gyududud LV.12 Outlaw Jun 5, 2020, 07:34 AM

    More time more work better season

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    crazy dude

  • Cow Boy Billy LV.30 Billy Jun 5, 2020, 07:40 AM

    They delayed the season for a very good reason and so has many other games. Platforms with a big voice are delaying things so people can continue to focus on making changes for justice!
    ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼✊🏻 #blacklivesmatter

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    why epic

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    I dont really care, more time to do my challenges! 👁👄👁👍

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    Epic be riding too much cuh

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    Lets goooo!!! 😤😤

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    thank god

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    Lmao this better be a joke

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    I swear to god they need to stop

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    Fortnite is dog shit

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    I'm so mad when are they gonna realize that the game is going to die if they don't release the new season

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    tell fortnite to suck my dick