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The Daily Moot: PlayStation 5 Reveal Postponed

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1. PlayStation 5 Reveal Event Postponed

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Sony has postponed the PlayStation 5 June reveal event. The event, which was planned for June 4, was expected to provide the world’s first look at several future PS5 games. In their statement, Sony said, “We do not feel that right now is a time for celebration and for now, we want to stand back and allow more important voices to be heard.” The PlayStation 5 is still set for a holiday 2020 launch and we will certainly see more of what the console has to offer in the coming months.

  2. Escape From Tarkov Reset   Escape From Tarkov just underwent a total reset, completely wiping the progress of every player. This reset coincided with the release of the game’s latest patch, which signaled the start of a new season of gameplay. Developer Battlestate Games announced that the new season has been a huge success so far, with the game hitting a new record peak of over 200k concurrent users. Battlestate Games also said that they had banned over 3,000 cheaters at the start of the new season, reiterating their commitment to a cheat-free environment.

  3. Trackmania Reboot   A Trackmania reboot isn’t coming until later this year but its planned monetization model is already drawing criticism. Fans who have been eagerly awaiting the upcoming game were disappointed when Ubisoft unveiled what appeared to be a subscription-based model. Ubisoft has responded to criticism by saying that the game doesn’t offer a subscription, but rather that players have to re-purchase the game every year if they want to keep playing it. Trackmania is set to launch on July 1.

  4. Outward DLC   Outward, an open-world survival RPG, is getting its very first DLC. Called Soroboreans, the upcoming expansion will introduce a new region, skill trees, enchantments and more, enabling players to completely change how they approach the game. One of the most notable new features is corruption, a mysterious new system that can have dire effects on those who are unprepared. The Soroboreans DLC is expected to come out on June 16.

  5. Paradox Strategy Studio   Paradox Interactive is opening a brand new gaming studio. Called Paradox Tinto, the new studio will be based in Barcelona, Spain and will focus exclusively on strategy games. The team will first be working on Paradox’s current flagship strategy game, Europa Universalis 4, before transitioning onto the next generation of games.

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    cheer u up

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    this made my day😂😂💯

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    :D yay

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    Wow, I should've expected this to happen F

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    They don’t wanna get looted

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    Definitely a smart play, this could've been a media nightmare if they revealed this in a couple days. I'm glad Sony's thinking

  • Kevin (JahRocker) LV.3 Lurker Jun 2, 2020, 07:29 AM

    I'm an Xbox fan boy, but I respect Sony's decision. Kinda sad corporations have more respect than the president.

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    Kinda glad smart choice with all the stuff that's going on

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    I new it cuz of the COVID-19

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    how its gonna be crowded

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    or looted

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    This is so sad alexa play despacito

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