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The Daily Moot (11/13/18)

News Picks

1. Glider Redeploy is Leaving Fortnite’s Default Modes

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Glider redeploy was controversially added to all game modes in Fortnite about a month ago. If players fell from a certain height, they would be able to pull out their glider. This naturally changed the dynamic of many aspects of the game and was rather controversial. Epic Games will be removing glider redeploy from the game’s default modes, restricting it only to larger team modes, while they continue testing the mechanic. Do you guys enjoy glider redeploy? Do you want to see it again? Let us know!

  2. Blizzard Announces Official Overwatch Cosplay Battle   Blizzard is organizing an official cosplay battle that will pit teams from six different European countries against each other. The Overwatch Cosplay Battle will see teams of three cosplayers from France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Spain, and the United Kingdom spend three months working collectively on one costume. Which costume each team makes will be influenced by community votes. There is a panel of judges, Blizzard artists and cosplayers included, and the community vote will also matter.

  3. PUBG on PS4 to have Exclusive Cosmetics   If the former biggest game in the world coming to the PlayStation 4 wasn’t already exciting, Bluehole has now revealed PS4 players will get some exclusive cosmetics alongside their purchase of PUBG. What is especially sweet is the nature of the cosmetics, as they’re all related to other PS4 exclusives. You’ll be able to play as Nathan Drake from the Uncharted series, and if you pre-order you’ll get Ellie’s backpack from The Last of Us. Finally, if you play on day-one you’ll get a bonus PlayStation themed parachute.

  4. Path of Exile: Betrayal Coming Soon   Path of Exile is a free dungeon grinder RPG, akin to Diablo, that has seen overwhelming positive reviews over the past couple years. Path of Exile: Betrayal is a new update coming in December that sees Jun Ortoi investigating a mysterious organization known as the Immortal Syndicate. The Syndicate has eighteen members, and you will need to play them off of each other to manipulate the organization. You can also raid Syndicate safehouses for sweet new loot. Check out all the details of the massive update at the official link below!

  5. The Game Awards 2018 Nominees   The Game Awards has revealed their nominees for dozens of different awards. Your choices for game of the year are Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Celeste, God of War, Marvel’s Spider-Man, Monster Hunter: World, and Red Dead Redemption 2. Fortnite has been nominated for 4 awards: Best Ongoing Game, Best Mobile Game, Best Multiplayer Game, and Best Esport. Check out the rest of the nominees and cast your votes at the link below!

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    All the nominees for the game awards are fantastic games. I don't know what to vote for...😭

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    For real. I have had the site open and I keep thinking about it and coming back to it. I really don’t know what to decide.

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    I really don’t know what to decide it’s going bad take cover

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    Crap I got used to glider redeploy I liked it

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    I need people

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    How do you sign into fortnite