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The Daily Moot: GTA V is FREE and Crashes Epic's Servers

News Picks

1. GTA V Free on Epic

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This week’s freebie from Epic Games is a big one! From now until May 21, you can claim a free copy of GTA V directly from the Epic Games Store. As long as you claim the game by May 21, you’ll be able to keep it forever. It’s awesome that Epic is giving away such a great game for free, but unfortunately the deal has caused some unforeseen consequences. Due to the high volume of players who are trying to claim their copy of GTA V, the Epic Games Store and Launcher has been overloaded, crashing games and leaving users unable to log in. Epic has released a statement saying that “users may be encountering slow loading times, 500 errors, or launcher crashing at this time” and assure users that they're working to fix the issues as fast as possible.

  2. Paper Mario: The Origami King   Paper Mario: The Origami King has been officially announced! Nintendo has revealed the latest game in the beloved Paper Mario series alongside a short trailer giving a sneak peek of what’s to come. Paper Mario: The Origami King is expected to launch on July 16 exclusively on the Nintendo Switch. Check out the trailer below!

  3. EVO 2020 Online   An online version of EVO 2020 has officially been announced. With competitions across 7 of the biggest fighting games on the planet, EVO 2020 Online boasts a nearly identical lineup to the originally planned physical event. Unfortunately, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was the one game removed from the playlist. The event will also have community events and open tournaments in games such as Mortal Kombat 11, Killer Instinct, and Them's Fightin Herds. EVO 2020 Online will be spread across 5 weekends and kicks off on July 4.

  4. Fallout 76 Free Weekend   Fallout 76 is getting a free weekend this weekend. From now until May 18, you can download Fallout 76 for free on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Fallout 76 recently underwent the massive Wastelanders expansion, completely revamping the world by adding quests and NPCs to the game. During the free weekend period players will receive double xp, making this a great event for new players and veterans alike.

  5. PUBG Test Server Changes   Some long-awaited changes are finally making their way to the PUBG test servers. As part of the 7.2 update, bots and ranked modes will now be available in console test servers. The bots are expected to come to live servers in the near future and are designed to make the game easier to learn for new players. The update has been somewhat controversial, but it’s clear that PUBG Corp has no intention of switching paths.

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    You are sooooooooooooooo rong

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    GTA is so fun I like it because you shoot

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    You have described nearly every popular game to date

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    PS4 thou

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    Epic doesn't own gta! WTF

  • SanguineEagle87 LV.6 Nomad May 15, 2020, 06:59 PM

    They don't need to own it they have a partnership with rockstar. So rockstar probably gave permission to do this

  • NoSwt_Let's Gaming LV.19 JUST SEND IT May 15, 2020, 10:00 PM

    Not exactly but yes. So we get a game for free Epic has to pay the producer studio money. So here Eoic had to pay Rockstar A LOT of money, probably a few million.
    Don't know how exactly Epic does profit from this, but somehow they have to or they are just giving away money. Either way we get a free game every Week and Epic had to pay for 😅😂😂

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    Damn I didn't know about gta being free, thanks moot :)

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    Wait what why does epic have the rights to do that?

  • SanguineEagle87 LV.6 Nomad May 15, 2020, 06:58 PM

    They obviously have a partnership with rockstar so that epic can give it away so that gta gets more players which in turn gets rockstar money because people are bound to buy shark cards to get started .

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    I wish account transfer was still a thing..

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    Is GTA for any console or PC?