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The Daily Moot (4/4/18)

1. Spider-Man Coming Exclusively to PS4 on September 7th With No Micro-transactions

The release date for the highly anticipated Spider-Man has just been announced as September 7th. The game won’t have any micro-transactions, but it will have unlock able skins for Spider-Man. While some of these skins will come from pre-ordering or the DLCs, most of them seem like they will be unlocked by playing the game. Hopes are definitely high for this game and the trailers looks good so far, but a large part of how the public will receive this game hinges on the the web slinging mechanics. If they get that right, the game will be a success. If they can’t though, it will be just another Spider-Man game that can’t live up to Spider-Man 2.

  2. More Keys for PUBG’s Savage Beta and Some Welcome Updates   The initial response to PUBG’s new 4x4 km map Codename: Savage has been overwhelmingly positive. The new map lacks clothing spawns, has plenty of weapons and vehicles, and has interesting terrain. Now, Bluehole is expanding their test in a few ways. For starters, they’re bringing in even more people. You can try to get a beta key by visiting Make sure you help your friends get keys too, because they just introduced squads to the new map. Alongside that update, they have increased loot spawns in smaller buildings to reward those who want to play it safe. Additionally, they shifted some values regarding the blue and red zones and have changed the balance of vehicle spawns on the map. Patch notes in full at the link below.

  3. Far Cry 5 Breaks Franchise Sales Records   After doubling the first week sales of Far Cry 4, Far Cry 5 is now the fastest selling game in the series’ history. The only Ubisoft launch bigger than Far Cry 5 is Tom Clancy’s The Division, which grossed $310 Million USD in the first week. Ubisoft published an image with some amusing stats from the first week of Far Cry 5. We won’t put them all here, so make sure to check the link for the rest of them, but we’ll include some personal favorites. 8,651 players have been ambushed by skunks this week, 5.1 million fish have been caught already, and 1.1 million hours of quality time have spent with Cheeseburger the bear. Check out the rest at the link below.

  4. Overwatch’s New Comic is All About Blackwatch   In a continued effort to build hype for the soon to be released Overwatch Archives event (this year’s version of Uprising), Blizzard released a new comic today. The comic features members of the Blackwatch team, the black ops division of Overwatch. Reaper, McCree, Genji, and Moira went on secretive missions to do what needed to be done. Without spoiling the contents of the comic, we’ll just say that you learn a bit more about these characters and what shaped them into the heroes we know now. You can read or download the comic at the link below. It is the one called Retribution.

  5. Fortnite Will Slow Down Patch Schedule to Focus on Bug Fixes   The speed at which the Fortnite development team has released exciting new things to their game has been astonishing. Just in the last few weeks, they added multiple new game modes, several new cosmetics, and the new guided missile. While the new content will keep coming, actual updates that need to be downloaded will start occurring every 2 weeks (or one Fortnight) instead of every week. This will allow the dev team to focus on bug fixes as the game will change at a slower pace. I hope I speak for everyone when I say we love the new content but we also want to see some of the problems fixed. It’s good to see them listening to community feedback on this one.

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