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The Daily Moot (10/31/18)

News Picks

1. Undertale’s Creator Releases Free and Mysterious New Game

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Toby Fox, the man who created Undertale, has released a free game you can download right now from a website called Deltarune. The website has several ominous warnings including “FOR PUBLIC SAFETY, YOU ARE ADVISED TO REFRAIN FROM DISCUSSION OF THE PROGRAM FOR 24 HOURS.” Well, people have disregarded that warning but even with discussion we still don’t really know what the game is about. Check it out for yourself and if you crack the code please let us know.

  2. Fallout 76 Beta on PC Sucked, Longer Beta Later This Week   If you were one of the many players who pre-ordered Fallout 76 to gain access to the PC beta you have our condolences. The first attempt at a beta on PC didn’t go so well, as a bug with the Bethesda launcher forced many to re-download the entire game. Seeing as the beta was only scheduled for a short period of time, this meant many didn’t get a meaningful chance to play the game. Fret not though, as the second beta phase set for later this week has been extended to compensate. This Thursday, November 1st the Fallout 76 PC beta will start at 11am PDT and end at 8pm PDT.

  3. Titanfall Developer Will Release Multiple Games Next Year   In an EA earnings call yesterday the company’s CEO said that Respawn Entertainment, the studio behind the popular Titanfall franchise, will release multiple games next year. We know one of them is Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, which is set to come out next fall, but no other games have been announced. The studio is also apparently working on a VR War game, which may release next year. But what everyone is hoping for is Titanfall 3. Do you think we’ll see it in 2019, or do we have to wait longer?

  4. MediEvil Remaster Announced for PlayStation 4   MediEvil is an old school action-adventure hack and slash game that released on the original PlayStation back in 1998. You play as Sir Dan, who has been accidentally resurrected by his nemesis, the evil sorcerer Lord Zarok. It is up to you alone to stop Lord Zarok before he conquers the Kingdom of Gallowmere with his army of the undead. Sounds SPOOKY! MediEvil is coming to the PlayStation 4 sometime next year.

  5. Fortnite is Super Popular on Nintendo Switch   In a recent earnings report, Nintendo revealed that Fortnite has been installed on nearly half of all Nintendo Switch consoles wordwide. To estimate, that means Fortnite has been downloaded on around 11 million unique Switch consoles. Granted, Fortnite is a free game and the most popular in the world currently so it isn’t a huge surprise to see people downloading it. Switch owners of Moot, do you play Fortnite on your Switch or have you ever? Let us know in the comments!

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    Awesome daily Moot *insert rue’s sponge bob with the thumbs up*

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    Happy Halloween MOOT

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    Mmmmm... Respawn... deliciousness...

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    I think Bethesda should have taken more time to develop Fallout 76. I'm constantly hearing negative reviews, and I'm not happy about it.

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    MediEvil I didn't know that series but looks so fun

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    After fallout 4, I was prepares to be disappointed from the beginning.