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The Daily Moot (3/29/18)

1. New Fortnite Patch Introduces Guided Missile and Sniper Showdown Return

Fortnite patch 3.4 will launch later today bringing with it the guided missile, the return of the sniper showdown limited time mode, and several highly requested bug fixes. The guided missile will give the user complete control, leaving their character vulnerable for the duration. The missile will do the same damage as normal rockets and can be found in chests and supply drops. The sniper showdown is similar to last time it was around, but with the hunting rifle and crossbow added. Additionally, downed players will die instantly. Lastly, in a series of amazing bug fixes bullseyes will disappear once the challenge is done, bushes will stop popping into view, and players heads will no longer float above the rest of their body at range.

  2. Blizzard Announces the Return of Overwatch Uprising   Overwatch’s highly popular Uprising event will be returning on Tuesday April 10th. The Uprising event lets players travel into Overwatch’s past to play as some of their favorite heroes during significant moments in Overwatch’s history. Last year’s event saw players fighting Omnics in King’s Row; it is still uncertain what exactly the new event will be, but is almost assuredly going to be something new and not just a repeat of the King’s Row mission. Check out the tweet from Blizzard linked in the article to see the teaser.

  3. Top Twitch Streamer Ninja Accidentally Uses Slur on Stream   Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll have heard Ninja’s name recently. He has made headlines for setting Twitch records for most subscribers and most concurrent viewers on an individual’s stream. Last night Ninja was playing with Nadeshot, the founder of 100 Thieves, when he fumbled over some rap lyrics and said a word that he certainly wishes he wouldn’t have. Ninja has been praised for being ‘one of the good ones’ and a generally stand-up dude; it will be interesting to see how the community’s perception of him changes moving forward. Ninja has apologized profusely on his twitter.

  4. Team Fortress 2 Overhauls Their Competitive System   In a new update, Team Fortress 2 is attempting to get more serious with their competitive matchmaking. They’re overhauling their system and replacing it with matchmaking modeled off of CS:GO’s competitive environment. The patch includes other big updates, including creating more balanced casual matches and allowing you to queue for matches while in casual games. There are also weapon changes and tons of bug fixes, so make sure to check out the full patch notes if you’re playing TF2.

  5. No Man’s Sky NEXT is a Free Update Releasing in Summer 2018   While most of us faulted the No Man’s Sky development team for false promises and moved on, they stayed hard at work. They’ve released several updates for the game already, and NEXT is apparently the most ambitious one yet. No Man’s Sky NEXT Will be a free update for people who already own the game. We don’t know anything about the nature of the update yet, but we know it is supposed to come out this summer. Alongside the announcement of the update, the team announced the game will be coming to Xbox One X when NEXT releases. This may come as a surprise to a few, as No Man’s Sky was presented as a PS4 console exclusive.

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