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The Daily Moot (10/25/18)

1. Clash and Maestro Nerfed in Rainbow Six Siege Update

In a Rainbow Six Siege patch we can expect next week Clash and Maestro are both receiving slight nerfs. Clash will now swap between her CCE Shield and Sidearm a bit slower. She will also take twice as long to start refilling charge and attackers will regain mobility faster after Clash shocks them. Maestro has only one change, but it’s a significant one; Maestro’s LMG will no longer have its unique recoil pattern and will now align with other LMG recoil patterns in the game. Finally, this update reduces SMG-11 recoil.

  2. PUBG’s New Event Mode is ‘One Gun Warrior’   PUBG was a bit late to the game when it comes to special event modes, but they’ve had a few good ones. This weekend you’ll be able to play ‘One Gun Warrior,’ which is a mode set on Erangel with no weapon spawns. You’ll start off with a themed loadout, like a sniper kit or a melee package. Although there aren’t any gun spawns on the map, you can still loot enemies like normal. As usual, you can play One Gun Warrior now through the end of the weekend.

  3. First Fortnite Nerf Gun Revealed   Hasbro and Epic Games revealed this morning the first real life Nerf gun based on a gun from Fortnite. The new Nerf Fortnite AR-L Blaster won’t be available until June 1st of next year, but that won’t stop us from getting hyped now. The gun is based on the Scar-L and features “rapid fire motorized blasting and flip up sights.” Hasbro is going deep with Fortnite-themed toys, as they’re also releasing Fortnite Monopoly tomorrow.

  4. Stellaris is Getting an Economy Focused Expansion   Stellaris is a grand strategy game set on a galactic scale. The studio behind the game, Paradox, released a teaser trailer this morning to announce a new expansion that focuses on operating an interplanetary scale. The expansion, called MegaCorp, will enable players to erect trade buildings, lead companies as CEO, and ultimately grow a financial network that spans the galaxy. We don’t know when the expansion comes out, but we do know it will cost $19.99 USD and launch alongside a free update to the base game.

  5. A Battlefield V Dev was Accidentally Banned from Black Ops 4   Florian Le Bihan is a developer working on Battlefield V. He is also a big fan of Black Ops 4’s battle royale mode Blackout, and apparently he is pretty good. Le Bihan is so good, in fact, that Treyarch’s anti-cheat measures accidentally banned him. It is no surprise that Le Bihan is good at video games, as he used to be a professional player under the screenname DRUNKKZ3. Le Bihan has since been unbanned, but not before he got to humblebrag on Twitter about being so good that his competitor had to ban him from their game.

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