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The Daily Moot (3/28/18)

1. LEGO The Incredibles Announced for Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC

Today Warner Bros. Interactive and Disney announced the upcoming release of LEGO The Incredibles for all platforms. The game will release on June 15th in the US to complement the Incredibles 2 movie release on the same day. In the UK, the game and movie will release about a month later on July 13th. The game, in traditional LEGO game fashion, will be an open world hub. Players can explore, unlock new areas, and fight dozens of different crime bosses. Check the article for some screenshots.

  2. Fortnite Battle Royale Starting Pack is a Great Deal with an Awesome Skin   Yesterday, Fortnite introduced a new starter pack bundle to buy in game. The starter pack, which costs $4.99, includes 600 V-bucks, a cosmetic backpack, and a new skin that is instantly one of the best in the game. Right off the back, 600 V-bucks is $6 worth so you’re instantly getting value there. Games have started including starter packs, presumably to get users comfortable spending money on virtual items. We don’t know if the starter pack is a limited time offer or a permanent deal, so don’t wait too long before you pull the trigger on purchasing it.

  3. Rainbow Six Siege Updates Recoil in an Attempt to Fix Weapons   Although most of the time the gun combat in Rainbow Six Siege feels buttery smooth, there has been a history of inaccuracies with fully automatic weapons. In order to fix this, the R6 team is reworking their recoil system. The guns in Rainbow Six Siege will be moving away from predictable recoil patterns. The team says the hope to keep the guns feeling as close as possible to their original recoils. It is promising to see the team explaining their thought process so well, and after the recent success from the Rainbow Six team they definitely deserve the benefit of the doubt.

  4. Players are Already Using a Mouse and Keyboard to Dominate PUBG Mobile   Playing PUBG on a phone is already hard, although perhaps not as hard as many of us anticipated. Plenty of players have reported pleasant surprise at how playable mobile PUBG feels. Unfortunately for most, some players are finding ways to connect a mouse and keyboard to their phone. This let’s them play the game the same way they would on a PC, meaning they can completely dominate those who are actually using their phone to play. These players are mostly using emulators or bluetooth connections to take advantage of the PUBG mobile situation. It is unclear what Bluehole can do to stop players from exploiting the mobile situation for easy wins.

  5. Dragon Quest 11 Gets a Confirmed Release Date for Western Markets   Although Dragon Quest 11 came out in Japan last year, it has not been released yet in the western world. Today it was announced that the game will launch on PC via Steam in North America and Europe on September 4th of this year. The game will be coming to PS4 this year as well, and the Switch eventually, but development is still in progress on that one. In traditional RPG fashion, Dragon Quest 11 will feature an immersive world and finely tuned turn-based combat.

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