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The Daily Moot (3/27/18)

1. Overwatch World Cup 2018 Announced

In what may not come as a surprise to most, Blizzard has announced today the Overwatch World Cup is returning for 2018. Starting today, Blizzard will track the skill rating of the top 150 players in each country. At the end of the season the top 20 countries will be invited to the Overwatch World Cup, with Korea, the United States, France, and Thailand automatically qualifying. These four countries will serve as hosts for the group stage of the World Cup. The top 8 and finals will take place at Blizzcon 2018 in November.

  2. 2018 Finalists for World Video Game Hall of Fame   The 12 video game finalists have been announced to join games like Pac-Man, Super Mario Brothers, and World of Warcraft in the World Video Game Hall of Fame. The contenders this year include both historic titles that helped shape gaming as a whole like Spacewar!, King’s Quest, and Asteroids alongside games that launched iconic franchises like Call of Duty, Dance Dance Revolution, and Half-Life. To see the full list of contenders, check the link below. You can vote once a day until the winner is announced on May 3rd.

  3. Sea of Thieves Devs Respond to Feedback and Cancel Death Tax   Before the system even hit live servers, the Sea of Thieves developers say they heard the feedback and will not be implementing a ‘death tax’ system. The idea behind the system was pretty straight forward; players would need to pay a cost to the Ferryman each time they died. Further, this cost would vary depending on how the player died. If you died an embarrassingly clumsy death, you would pay more than someone who died in battle. While many feel the game lacks the substance to justify its $60 price tag, it is nice to see the developers respond to the community. Hopefully they continue to do so.

  4. Xbox Live Gamers May Start Getting Banned for Offensive Language   If you’re on Xbox, don’t get alarmed, but you may need to start watching what you say. Microsoft has introduced a new content policy set to go live on May 1st that says their users may not “publicly display or use the Services to share any inappropriate content or other material (involving, for example, nudity, bestiality, pornography, offensive language, graphic violence or criminal activity).” There are a few concerning parts here, but the biggest problem is ‘offensive language’ is vague and will mean different things to different people. And this problem goes beyond just Xbox Live, as the new conduct policy is for all of Microsoft’s services. The point is, Xbox gamers need to be careful until we find out exactly what is and is not ban-worthy.

  5. PUBG’s New Map May Help Save the Game as an Esport   If you’ve played PUBG at all you know how thrilling the game can be. If you’ve watched any PUBG streams, you know how exciting some moments can be. But if you’ve watched any PUBG tournaments, you’ll know how uneventful most of the games are. Most of the tournament games have less than 100 players, for one thing, and the teams play ultra-conservatively. These leads to games with too little action, yet the spectators still find a way to miss most of it. Well, the 4x4 map may be exactly what PUBG as an esport needs. A smaller map will mean more action throughout the game that will be easier for the spectators to capture. As someone that loves to watch almost any competitive esport, I’m looking forward to it.

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