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The Daily Moot: MSI Cancelled

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1. MSI Cancelled

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The League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational tournament has been cancelled. The second biggest League tournament of the year, MSI is the only international tournament before the World Championships. Although all of the individual leagues are playing remotely, online play isn’t feasible for a tournament like MSI as the ping between regions would be too much of an issue. There was hope that the Mid-Season Invitational would still go on after it was postponed from its original date until July, but it seems that Riot has simply decided to move on from the event entirely.

  2. Epic Weekly Freebies   The latest week of freebies from Epic Games is here. It seems that Epic is moving away from multiple titles per week for the time being as both this week and next week will only offer one free game. This week’s free game is For the King, a turn-based strategy RPG that features online co-op play. You can claim your free copy of For the King directly from the Epic Games Store. As long as you claim your copy before April 30, you’ll be able to keep the game forever.

  3. RDR2 Xbox Game Pass   Red Dead Redemption 2 is headed to the Xbox Game Pass. Starting on May 7, Xbox Game Pass subscribers will have access to Rockstar’s latest rendition of their acclaimed wild west adventure. Unfortunately, on the exact same date, Grand Theft Auto V will be leaving the Xbox Game Pass. If you’re an Xbox Game Pass subscriber and haven’t gotten around to playing GTA V yet, you’ll want to hurry before time runs out.

  4. Xbox Series X Speed   Some new details about the Xbox Series X have been released, this time shedding light on the upcoming console’s impressive speed. Mike Rayner from The Coalition studios (best known as the developers of Gears of War) was able to share some of the console’s practical speed in relation to the Xbox One. For example, the Xbox Series X is able to load Gears 5 more than 4 times faster than the Xbox One without any changes to the game’s code. While this is just one specific type of test, this news should certainly encourage Xbox fans who are eagerly awaiting the console’s next generation.

  5. The Division 2 Demo   The Division 2 has just released a demo that will let players try out the first 8 hours of the game for free. The Division 2 has previously offered free weekends, but now interested players won’t have to wait around for one if they want to give the game a shot. Demo players will be able to level their characters up to level 8 and all progress will transfer over from the demo to the full game.

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  • Vinnik the slutter^^ LV.34 Dream Chaser Apr 24, 2020, 05:33 AM

    I thought you meant the gaming company MSI

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    Im so happy Ubisoft is putting in a division 2 demo. It can be really fun but most players don’t wanna take the risk of not liking the game after buying it for 40 bucks or so... more companies should do that.

  • WolfPaxHD dog LV.25 Wolf Apr 24, 2020, 05:33 AM

    this one was a so so

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    RIP msi 😥

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    You convienced me to get series X by day one

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    Happy birthday me for rdr2

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    Another good week online

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    Yea I heard. :(

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