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The Daily Moot: PUBG Season 7 Now LIVE!

News Picks

1. Vikendi Returns to PUBG

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Vikendi has returned to PUBG as the featured map of the all-new Season 7. Some of the highlights of the revamped Vikendi include a brand new train system and a new Dinoland to replace the old Dino Park. The map has also removed much of the snow that used to cover it, and has replaced its snow bikes and snowmobiles with motorbikes. Season 7 of PUBG is live now; check out the official gameplay trailer below.

  2. Warzone Cheaters Play Together   Call of Duty has come up with a clever solution to stop Warzone cheaters from ruining games. Despite handing out over 70,000 bans, the presence of cheaters in Warzone has only been increasing and Infinity Ward is now trying a new approach. Rather than ban cheaters outright, suspected cheaters will now be placed in a “cheaters” queue where they will be forced to play with other people who have been suspected of cheating.

  3. Fortnite Added to Google Play Store   After a year and a half of refusing to join the Google Play Store, Epic Games has now added Fortnite to Android’s flagship app store. Fortnite was previously available only through Epic’s third-party app called the Epic Games App. Along with the announcement, Epic Games called out Google’s practices regarding third-party software, saying they hope that “Google will revise its policies and business dealing in the near future.” At any rate, Android users can now get Fortnite directly from the Google Play Store.

  4. The Mandalorian Season 3   The Mandalorian Season 3 is apparently in pre-production at Disney+ Studios. This is great news for fans of the Star Wars series and shows Disney’s commitment to the show, especially considering that Season 2 is still yet to premiere. While many film crews are now shut down amid the coronavirus, The Mandalorian Season 2 was fortunately able to wrap up development earlier this year and is expected to come out this October.

  5. PAX West Still Happening   As of right now, PAX West is still expected to happen later this year. Organizers released a statement saying that while they “intend to follow all CDC and WHO guidelines,” they are “still planning on putting together a great PAX West this coming Labor Day Weekend.” While this news may be encouraging, it’s clear the event’s status is still uncertain. PAX West is currently scheduled to start on September 4.

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    "Mandalorian season 2 fortunately wrapped up development earlier this year.."
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    YESSSS, thank god that pax gonna be. Now i have atleast something too go on. I should have gone too comic con but i coulden't. So thank's that i can go on pax.