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The Daily Moot (3/26/18)

1. Weapon Skins Come to PUBG’s Test Server

Although Bluehole is still working hard on all the bugs and requested features in PUBG, they announced today a feature many of us have wondered about for some time: weapon skins. Weapon skins will be obtained through the game’s crate system. You will find weapon skins in both the premium crates and the free crates. If you don’t like the randomness of opening crates, you can always buy the skins you want from the steam marketplace. The skin market in CS:GO, for example, is thriving and is what keeps many players invested in the game. We’ll see if it works for PUBG.

  2. Far Cry 5 Skips Loot Boxes and Has Healthy Microtransactions   Far Cry 5 doesn’t have any loot boxes, but there are micro transactions. The game has 2 currencies: in-game dollars and silvers bars. Silver bars are the premium currency you can buy with your hard-earned money, but you can also find them in the game. While many games of the past have had a similar system, what makes Far Cry 5 satisfying (or at least not frustrating) is that it doesn’t force you to spend money to progress at a normal pace. Instead, the game constantly rewards you with gear and cash so you can progress your character.   The author of the article summarizes the entire micro transaction issue perfectly with their closing paragraph. They say “Far Cry 5 has the best situation possible for microtransactions: People with more money than time can put some cash in to get what they want a little ahead of their peers, and the rest of us can ignore the system and save some real-world money as we have fun collecting cash in-game.”

  3. Fortnite Mobile is the New Thing Kids Are Using to Avoid Learning in School   With Fortnite Mobile out on iOS for those who have been invited, it has quickly become the hottest app out right now. And like most mobile games, the most popular market is teenagers with smartphones. The game is so popular with kids that it has become a problem in schools across the country. Some schools have even gone so far as to ban the game on their Wi-Fi networks. With Fortnite coming to Android soon and a full release of the mobile game on the horizon, this problem doesn’t seem like it’ll go away any time soon.

  4. Pokemon Go Gets Storylines, Quests, and Mew   Pokemon Go at the start felt like capturing a bunch of Pokemon for the sake of capturing Pokemon, and that was okay. But as time went on, players wanted some other reason to play the game and Niantic did not instantly deliver. Soon, players may again feel a reason to play Pokemon Go. Niantic will be adding quests to the game, such as ‘Visit 5 Pokestops,’ ‘Win 3 Gym battles,’ or ‘Catch a Dragon-type Pokemon.’ These quests will be complemented by new storylines to progress through, which may eventually lead the player to capture Mew, the legendary Pokemon. Check out the article for some screenshots of what quests will look like. Personally, I might have to re download the app and give it another shot.

  5. A Fortnite Stream on YouTube Last Night Got Over 1 Million Viewers   Last night Spanish YouTuber elrubius hosted a for-fun tournament featuring 100 of the top Spanish-speaking Fortnite streamers. YouTube confirmed elrubius’ stream received over 1.1 million views while even more watched the other participants’ streams. These numbers trump the Twitch viewer records set by Ninja and Drake earlier this month.

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