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The Daily Moot (3/20/18)

1. Brigitte, Overwatch’s Newest Hero, is Now Available to Play Across All Platforms

Brigitte, the newest support hero added to Overwatch, is now available to play. She is a rather aggressive support as her kit combines offensive and defensive abilities to aid her team. The young hero is the daughter of Torbjorn, everyone’s favorite Swedish armorsmith. Brigitte is actually not new to Overwatch lore; she was Reinhardt’s squire in the comic ‘Dragon Slayer,’ which came out before the game released. Just remember, Brigitte won’t be available for competitive play until the start of Season 10.

  2. Atari Reveals New Console’s Sleek Design   It may be surprising to hear, but Atari is working on a new console to be released this year. Although more information will be coming out at the Game Developers Conference this week, yesterday they revealed the visual design of the console and it is intriguing. The new console, named the Atari VCS, has a clean black look that is both a nice nod to the past and an inspired look forward. Although we don’t know what kind of games to expect on the Atari VCS, we have our hopes up that we can see a nice mix of classics alongside new titles.

  3. Dragon Ball Legends Announced: The Mobile PVP Fighting Game You’ve Been Waiting For   Yesterday, at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, Bandai Namco announced Dragon Ball Legends for iOS and Android. The mobile fighting game will include global real-time PVP, meaning you will be able to fight against the best around the world. You will be able to control your characters using ‘Universal Cards’ that are tied to specific characters and tell them what move to do. Tapping Universal Cards in succession will trigger combo attacks. With the mention of constant content updates, this game certainly looks promising.

  4. Sims Creator Announces a New Mobile Game Called ‘Proxi’   Will Wright, the man who designed The Sims and SimCity, has just announced that he is working on a new mobile simulation game called Proxi. Wright has said that the game is a bit different from his previous games, as players will start with a completely blank world to build on. Players build using memories to create new islands which can eventually connect to one another to create a complex 3D world.

  5. Fortnite Mobile Brings in $1 Million in First Three Days   Although Fortnite Mobile isn’t available to everyone yet, the game has already broken the million dollar mark for Epic Games. The money comes from in-app purchases for cosmetic items, of which there are plenty in Fortnite. What makes Fortnite cosmetics so awesome is that players link their Epic Games account across platforms so you can use skins that you buy on all platforms. If you’re waiting for Fortnite to fail I hope you’re not holding your breath because it could be a while.

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