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The Daily Moot: DOOM Eternal is Here!

News Picks

1. DOOM Eternal

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DOOM Eternal is finally here! One of the most anticipated games of the year, DOOM fans have been waiting for Eternal for nearly 4 years. Described as a “celebration of excess in sin, violence, scale, speed, and volume,” early reviews for the game have all been overwhelmingly positive. DOOM Eternal launches today at 9pm Pacific Time in the United States and at 11pm GMT in Europe.

  2. GDC and IGF Awards   After the postponement of this year’s GDC, organizers decided to host certain parts of the convention online. Thankfully, one of those parts was the annual Game Developers Conference Choice Awards and the Independent Game Festival Awards. For the GDCA, the stacked field included games such as Control, Disco Elysium, and Baba is You, but it was ultimately the fan-favorite Untitled Goose Game that earned the title of Game of the Year. For the IGF Awards, the big winner was A Short Hike which took home both the Seumas McNally Grand Prize as well as the Audience Award.

  3. Get Watch Dogs and The Stanley Parable for Free   This week’s free games from the Epic Games Store are both fantastic goliaths. Watch Dogs is a third-person action game where you play as a masterful hacker on a quest for vengeance. The Stanley Parable is a strange first-person narrative experience that, although undeniably odd, is universally acclaimed and has earned a cult-classic status among fans. You can download both Watch Dogs and The Stanley Parable for free from the Epic Games Store from now until March 26. As long as you claim the games before March 26, they are yours to keep forever.

  4. Tekken 7 Fahkumram   A new character is headed to the Tekken 7 arena. Making his first appearance in a Tekken game, Fahkumram is a muscle-bound fighter covered in scars. Once considered a local hero in Thailand and a Muay Thai legend, his career was halted after he was struck by lightning when he was 12 years old. Fahkumram was able to overcome the adversity, eventually becoming a Muay Thai champion by the age of 18, but his personal life was still riddled with hardship. Fahkumram will join the Tekken 7 roster as part of DLC 14&15 on March 24. Check out the trailer below.

  5. City: Skylines Expansion   Popular city builder game City: Skylines is getting a new expansion next week called Sunset Harbor. The expansion will introduce fishing to the game which will allow players to control fishing boats and fish farms, adding a new commercial element to the game. The expansion will also include 5 new maps, each featuring different climates. The Sunset Harbor expansion is expected to launch on March 26, although the price has yet to be revealed.

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  • XxJuice3KingxX LV.4 Jumpmaster Mar 20, 2020, 06:15 AM

    carona epidemic:
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    DOOM Eternal comes out
    gamers:we ride at dawn bitches

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    im dead about to go to gamestop to get DOOM

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    Get digital

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    oh yea i fukn forgot

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    That’s what I’m doing

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    nice job moot, keep it going

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    Peace Wes never an option!

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    Hell ya

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    DOOM Eternal is Here!
    Moot pushing the mainstream narrative.

  • John Botsford LV.2 Lurker Mar 20, 2020, 07:28 AM

    bruh I am waiting to play it

  • XxJuice3KingxX LV.4 Jumpmaster Mar 21, 2020, 09:19 AM

    Girls after school shuts down : omg I'll miss u guys stay safe

    Me and the Boyz

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    Remember kids e-girls are temporary doom is ETERNAL

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    I don’t even play doom lol

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    finally eternal

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    Yay! Time to Rip Tear (off some limbs)

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    ahhhh cant wait to get doom!!!!!!!!!!

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    I’m currently #@&$!?@

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    DOOM 🖤👾🔥🎮🕹🐐

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    we got free games. but is it on ps4 too?