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The Daily Moot (3/16/18)

1. Fortnite on Mobile Could Demonstrate the Future of Mobile Gaming

Fortnite has launched a mobile version of the popular battle royale game mode to mobile as of today. Although the game is only available to select individuals on iOS who signed up via the Fortnite website, plenty of people are playing it and giving their feedback. While some say the controls feel clunky and the game doesn’t run smoothly, others (perhaps with newer phones) are praising the game for its ability to run and operate smoother than anticipated. Any first person shooter game is going to struggle with touchscreen controls, and Epic Games has hinted at controller support in the near future. Check out this article to get a look at the layout of the controls and see some gameplay for yourself.

  2. Release Date Revealed for Jurassic World Evolution   Jurassic World Evolution is a strategic management game, akin to Rollercoaster Tycoon, based on the Jurassic Park film franchise. The company developing the game, Frontier Developments, announced today that the game will be released on June 12th for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Frontier Developments is the company behind the Rollercoaster Tycoon series, so it is promising to see them working on this project.

  3. EA is Bringing Microtransactions back to Battlefront II, but They’re Finally Only Cosmetic   We all remember the controversy regarding Battlefront II and their loot crates. Initially, loot crates in the new Star Wars game contained items that would make your characters stronger and give an unfair advantage to those who invested more money into the game. As a response to community outrage, EA removed all loot crates from the game with the promise that they would returned later. Well, later has come and the loot crates are back. Thankfully, though, the loot crates will now only contain cosmetic items. Progression in the game will now come exclusively from grinding out games and leveling up your character. You know, like how it should have been all along.

  4. Kirby Star Allies Officially Launches on Nintendo Switch   After a short free demo period for the game last week, Kirby Star Allies officially launched today. The side scrolling platformer can be played solo, but it is meant to played with friends. You can team up with up to three other players to take on a host of enemies. In classic Kirby fashion, sucking up enemies to take on their abilities will help you get far in the game. But, as we said before, the real power and enjoyment of the game comes from teaming up with others to play. So get on out there, find some buddies, and get going.

  5. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 May Be Getting Remastered   The popular game in the Call of Duty franchise may be next in line for a remastered release. Just today a listing on Amazon for ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Remastered’ popped up with a April 30th release date. While this may be a placeholder for an unannounced game, it also could be exactly what it says it is. The current price point is listed as 20 Euros, which is roughly $25 USD. This strikes us a fair price for a remastered game, but it will be up to the potential customers to decide for themselves.

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