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The Daily Moot: Warzone Solos, Fortnite Choppas

News Picks

1. Warzone Solos!

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Call of Duty Warzone now has a solos mode! While fans assumed that solos would eventually make its way to the game, nobody could have expected it to arrive so soon. Like squad mode, if you die in solos you’ll be sent to the Gulag with the opportunity to come back to the battlefield if you win your 1v1. While there are no standard knockdowns because you have no team to revive you, there are still self-revive kits available in the game mode so keep that in mind both for yourself and for your enemies. Warzone is free to play on PC, PS4, and Xbox One and solos mode is live now!

  2. Fortnite Helicopters   Fortnite has just added its latest vehicle to the game, this time enabling players to soar the skies with the new Choppa. Although the helicopter doesn’t come equipped with any weapons, it has room for 1 pilot and 4 passengers, enabling teams to rain down terror from above. Pick up one of the Choppas at the previously vacant helipads across the map and put your flight skills to the test. The update also included changes to the Oil Rig and Pleasant Park football pitch, so be sure to check those out for some new scenery. You can see the new Choppa in the brief, Deadpool-featured launch video below.

  3. PS5 Deep Dive   PlayStation 5’s lead architect, Mark Cerny, issued the statement that fans around the globe have been waiting for. Tomorrow at 9am Pacific Time, Sony will reveal a “deep dive” into the PlayStation 5, likely providing similar information to yesterday’s Xbox Series X reveal. As we mentioned yesterday, it’s been quite the waiting game between the two console goliaths, but it’s pretty hilarious to see Sony do their reveal just 2 days after Microsoft. This could mean that Sony didn’t have to make any changes to the PS5 after Microsoft’s reveal, and are confident that the PS5’s specs can easily go toe-to-toe with the Xbox Series X. At any rate, we’ll have plenty more information tomorrow as the console war really starts heating up.

  4. Cyberpunk 2077 Development Update   Amid all the cancellations and postponements as a result of the Covid-19 coronavirus, one project is still maintaining its deadline. Although all the developers are now working from home, CD Projekt Red issued a statement saying that Cyberpunk 2077 will not be delayed and that the September release date will not be changed. While it’s encouraging to hear that the game is still on pace, this wouldn’t be the first time we’ve heard a similar statement only for it to be retracted a few days later.

  5. New Hearthstone Class   Hearthstone is adding a new class to the game called “Demon Hunter.” The Demon Hunter will be the game’s 10th class in total, and will likely drastically change the meta. The Demon Hunter’s hero is Illidan Stormrage and his ability costs 1 mana and gives your hero +1 attack for the turn. The new class is expected to arrive on April 7 alongside the launch of a new expansion called Ashes of Outland.

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  • MrWallManMain LV.34 Best Squadmate Mar 18, 2020, 06:49 AM

    Fortnite’s next update be like: Enter the Gula-Gul-G-G...Garnisson to earn a chance for redeployment after death

  • TTV SuperSabrina355 LV.20 Made in America Mar 18, 2020, 07:28 AM

    they have reboot cards which is from apex

  • MrWallManMain LV.34 Best Squadmate Mar 19, 2020, 05:16 AM

    tHeY eVeN cOpIeD wArZoNeS bUyStAtIoNs

  • GWS is history LV.28 Link Mar 18, 2020, 05:47 AM

    Me and the bois pulling up on a squad with the copter

  • NoSwt_Let's Gaming LV.19 JUST SEND IT Mar 18, 2020, 10:13 AM

    1 thing I already was wondering:
    Why are there 5 people in 1 team?

  • SunSleeper LV.7 Nightmare Mar 18, 2020, 11:10 AM

    Picture is most likely purely for aesthetics and there will be one open slot on the chopper for people to switch between.

  • NarcolepticGamer LV.15 RIP Mar 18, 2020, 05:46 AM

    Im god. Follow me.

  • VRolook LV.25 Apex Editor Mar 18, 2020, 05:47 AM

    A lesson i learned from the helicopters: dont jump from 200 meters in the air. it doesnt let your glider deploy

  • Haki LV.1 Mootie Mar 18, 2020, 02:53 PM

    Won my first solo game🤪 ive been obessed with Warzone so im glad they put solos in

  • Oooobleck LV.2 Lurker Mar 19, 2020, 01:23 AM

    Me and my boys going to get a win

  • Cactus Is Best LV.26 Xbox Mar 18, 2020, 06:00 AM


  • Duggyfresh1313 LV.14 Professional Noob Mar 18, 2020, 06:14 AM

    Fortnite copied helicopters from cod war zone fortnite is desperate for money and ideas

  • Obamas last name LV.4 Sharpshooter Mar 18, 2020, 08:42 AM


  • Duggyfresh1313 LV.14 Professional Noob Mar 18, 2020, 09:31 AM

    Oh.... that works to

  • Matt_Matt LV.14 Chief Mar 18, 2020, 10:33 AM

    fortnite had heli pass in the game since a month ago, far before warzone came out

  • </_Wasabi_\> LV.28 Try Hard Mar 18, 2020, 12:04 PM

    Helicopters where a thing before warzone nobody copied anyone, I hate this who blame game with every battle Royale on the planet, can people just stop!

  • Obamas last name LV.4 Sharpshooter Mar 22, 2020, 01:10 PM


  • </_Wasabi_\> LV.28 Try Hard Mar 22, 2020, 11:45 PM

    I wasn’t defending fortnite it just saying helicopters where a thing before video games, also watch the language, it makes you look bad.

  • Callme_fick LV.1 Mootie Mar 18, 2020, 10:23 AM

    I don’t give a fuck

  • Daylight Dawn LV.9 Sharpshooter Mar 18, 2020, 10:34 AM

    Time to finally have fun in Warzone

  • NO NAME verified Mar 18, 2020, 10:41 AM

    So basically more 3rd party's in MW solo

  • Emilio Ozuna LV.2 Lurker Mar 18, 2020, 11:46 AM

    someone come watch our stream

  • Emilio Ozuna LV.2 Lurker Mar 18, 2020, 11:47 AM
  • Linzen LV.20 AWPer Mar 18, 2020, 11:57 AM


  • YT fadingstar LV.14 Clearly Hacking Mar 18, 2020, 12:12 PM

    cant wait for the info on the PS5