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The Daily Moot: The Future of Shooting Games has been Announced

1. Valorant Official Announcement

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Riot Games’ upcoming competitive shooter Valorant has been officially announced! Described as a “5v5 character-based tactical shooter where creativity is your greatest weapon,” the new game is expected to go toe-to-toe with CS:GO and Overwatch, combining the best elements of both games. Riot promises the Valorant to be the most precise shooting game on the planet with 128-tick servers, optimization for maximum framerates, and less than 35ms ping for players around the world. Valorant is set to launch in Summer of this year, with a beta period expected to begin in the coming weeks.


  2. GDC 2020 Cancelled   The latest gaming-related victim of the Covid-19 coronavirus, GDC 2020 has been cancelled. The annual Game Developers Conference is known to connect industry professionals from across the globe and also provides fans an opportunity to demo previously unseen games. Although the March date has been scrapped, GDC organizers state that they intend to hold the conference later this year in the Summer.

  3. New Silent Hill Game?   Is Hideo Kojima trolling us or is there a new Silent Hill game in the works? In a recent tweet, Kojima Productions released a statement saying, “Sorry to be silent everyone! I've been really busy lately.....I think i can say more soon about what we are going.” Fans are not only caught up over the usage of the word “silent” in the tweet, but there are also several easter eggs hidden in the tweet’s picture. For example, fans have pointed out a note in the picture which says “next week” and a “pyramid” pencil (relating to Pyramid Head who is the series’ main antagonist). To be fair, these are some pretty far leaps and it wouldn’t be surprising at all if Kojima is just trolling his fans. At any rate, it seems we’ll likely get some more information in the near future.

  4. FIFA Pro Scene Issues   Tired of dealing with EA’s persistent server issues, FIFA 20 pros have come up with a new way to determine the outcome of matches: rock, paper, scissors. That’s right, in a recent qualifying tournament Shaun Galea and Hasan Eker resorted to a game of rock, paper, scissors after they were repeatedly unable to connect to the servers in-game. EA released a statement saying that they are “reviewing this really unique situation to understand what occurred and try to prevent this from happening again.” In the end, both players were permitted to proceed to the next round of the tournament where they both lost their subsequent matches.

  5. Death Stranding Coming to PC   After spending several months as a PS4 exclusive, Death Stranding is finally coming to PC. Journey across a mystery wasteland in an attempt to reconnect the shattered world and save humanity from its impending doom. The PC version of the game will include some extra benefits including high framerates, a photo mode, and Half-Life crossover content. Death Stranding will launch on June 2, and is available for pre-order on both Steam and the Epic Games Store.

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  • Yorpasores Rex LV.26 Rootin Tootin Mar 3, 2020, 06:18 AM

    I wish the GODAMN covid-19 virus would go away

  • Ayden (Intentions) LV.24 Insomniac Mar 3, 2020, 06:36 AM


  • gumby2383 LV.20 Assassin Mar 3, 2020, 06:36 AM

    same here

  • DaPi 已認證 LV.28 Champion Mar 3, 2020, 09:44 AM

    Stupid bat eaters

  • Yorpasores Rex LV.26 Rootin Tootin Mar 3, 2020, 01:23 PM

    ikr and this is my most upvoted comment ever

  • Dylan 已認證 LV.30 管理員 Mar 3, 2020, 06:19 AM

    So bummed GDC is cancelled. By far the best gaming event I go to each year...

  • DaKillaKoala LV.16 Titan Mar 3, 2020, 06:21 AM

    Valorant sounds like a brilliant idea for a game and I'm getting some r6/overwatch vibes from it lol. I think it has a lot of potential to be a big title

  • WolfPaxHD dog LV.25 Wolf Mar 3, 2020, 06:33 AM

    thanks for doing the daily moot but this issue was mediocre besides gdc getting cancelled which is sad

  • spitfireRX3226 LV.2 局外人 Mar 3, 2020, 06:36 AM

    Ahhhh another overwatch clone 😝

  • The Ramen Bandit 已認證 LV.29 Bandit Mar 3, 2020, 07:03 AM

    I think Hero shooter is the proper term

  • Space Cheems LV.6 Dub Collector Mar 3, 2020, 06:36 AM

    Ok, but why call them "shooting games". Shooters would literally be much easier to type.

  • Dylan 已認證 LV.30 管理員 Mar 3, 2020, 06:38 AM

    They are both correct though so everybody wins!

  • Reusablebelt171 LV.28 Professional Noob Mar 3, 2020, 06:38 AM


  • B1ue LV.5 Clearly Hacking Mar 3, 2020, 06:34 AM


  • TrippyOnARK LV.1 Creeper Mar 3, 2020, 06:36 AM

    I wonder who would still play death stranding

  • Bloodyboygoon LV.25 戰士 Mar 3, 2020, 06:39 AM

    Ineed to try it lol

  • John15ea204 LV.23 戰士 Mar 3, 2020, 06:44 AM

    Ok so it isn't going toe to toe with r6? Ha, it isn't good enough anyway.

  • John15ea204 LV.23 戰士 Mar 3, 2020, 06:45 AM

    As in the game wouldn't be good enough, r6 too strong.

  • DaPi 已認證 LV.28 Champion Mar 3, 2020, 09:45 AM

    Yeah but it’s Riot Games...

    Riot Games is about 4-5x as big as Ubisoft

  • John15ea204 LV.23 戰士 Mar 3, 2020, 09:48 AM

    No Juan Beats The Rainbow six siege, maybe apart from rocket league, just because they are the game that is about as far from glitches as possible.

  • DaPi 已認證 LV.28 Champion Mar 3, 2020, 09:50 AM

    Ash hitbox? Dude Riot made LoL

  • John15ea204 LV.23 戰士 Mar 3, 2020, 10:54 AM

    LoL sucks I don't see why its so popular its like the most boring of games.

  • DaPi 已認證 LV.28 Champion Mar 3, 2020, 11:36 AM

    John15ea204  But if you think Siege is the game that’s the farthest from having glitches, you probably aren’t a hardcore gamer and haven’t played many different games

  • John15ea204 LV.23 戰士 Mar 3, 2020, 03:49 PM

    DaPi  Falling the in map, drone falling thru map climbing on to spots you shouldn't be able to, the old shield glitch, clash glitch.

  • Papiulevic LV.24 Clearly Hacking Mar 3, 2020, 04:04 PM

    John15ea204  some of this glitches are funny btw...

  • Papiulevic LV.24 Clearly Hacking Mar 3, 2020, 04:04 PM

    Papiulevic  SOME

  • DaPi 已認證 LV.28 Champion Mar 3, 2020, 11:47 PM

    John15ea204  You kinda contradicted yourself

  • John15ea204 LV.23 戰士 Mar 4, 2020, 03:21 AM

    DaPi  Nono, I'm saying that I don't think siege is farthest from glitches, I said RL: rocket league.

  • wtfTriny LV.3 局外人 Mar 3, 2020, 07:39 AM

    This game looks kind of lit im gonna buy this

  • SurfSideBlueJay LV.3 Wraith Main Mar 3, 2020, 07:52 AM

    yikes I don't know about that one cheif

  • CodyB_fb LV.26 Pathfinder Main Mar 3, 2020, 09:17 AM


  • HolyMint LV.7 Insomniac Mar 3, 2020, 09:41 AM

    pfff.. just Paladins all over again.