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The Daily Moot: GTA 6 Coming Soon?

1. Rockstar Games New Logos

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Two new logos have appeared on Rockstar Games’ official website. While this may not seem like big news in and of itself, these logos seem like nothing Rockstar has produced before which has fans speculating about the possibility of a brand-new game. One of the new logos in particular has fans anticipating a GTA 6 announcement, as the logo contains the message “Killing dreams, murdering people, fighting the righteous, bullying the weak.” So far Rockstar has been quiet about the rebranding, but we can probably expect to get some more details in the coming weeks.

  2. Fortnite Revenue Declining?   According to a recent monthly earnings report from industry analyst SuperData, Fortnite’s revenue has dropped to its lowest level since 2017. While the report placed Fortnite as the 7th highest-earning game on console, the game failed to make the top 10 for PC and mobile. SuperData summed up the report by saying, “earnings continued their gradual decline and hit their lowest level since November 2017.” Epic Games has challenged this report as untrue and “wildly inaccurate,” saying “SuperData does not and has not ever had access to Epic's Fortnite revenue data” and that “SuperData's reports do not align with reality.”

  3. Pokemon of the Year   As part of National Pokemon Day, The International Pokemon Company held a poll to determine the Pokemon of the Year for 2020. The results are surprising to say the least. After tallying millions of votes, the Pokemon of the Year is Greninja, the final evolution of the water-starter Froakie. Greninja beat out Lucario, Mimikyu, Charizard, and Umbreon which rounded out the top 5, while classics like Pikachu and Eevee fell to spots 19 and 20 respectively. Pokemon Day also led to the reveal of the newest mythical Pokemon for Sword and Shield, Zarude. Zarude is a dark/grass type Pokemon but you’ll have to search far and wide in order to catch one as its whereabouts are currently a mystery.

  4. Dr Disrespect Signs with ROCCAT   Dr Disrespect has signed a new exclusive, multi-year deal with ROCCAT. Based in Germany, ROCCAT is a PC accessories brand that was acquired by Turtle Beach last year. This deal is just the latest for the Doc, as his portfolio includes a publishing deal with Gallery Books, a television deal with Skybound (the creator of The Walking Dead), and an apparel line with Meta Threads.

  5. Borderlands 3 Headed to Steam   After 6 months as an Epic Games exclusive, Borderlands 3 is finally headed to Steam. The decision to make the game an Epic exclusive was extremely controversial and drew the ire fans, but it seems that sales were unaffected as Borderlands 3 became the fastest-selling game in history for publisher 2K Games. The Steam launch on March 13 is perfectly aligned with the arrival of the game’s second campaign expansion called “Guns, Love, and Tentacles: The Marriage of Wainwright and Hammerlock” which comes out on March 26. Check out the trailer for the new expansion below.

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    very nice to see someone who's picture accurately depicts the meaning of retard

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    Good come back man... 🤦🏼‍♂️

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    I don't see Gta 6 coming out for awhile.

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    GTA weaponized overpriced everything hate on me all you want idc

  • Jocko_00 LV.1 Mootie Feb 29, 2020, 07:13 AM

    you're right. It was ALL money for them 😂

  • Idontknow68618 LV.5 So Scary Feb 29, 2020, 07:14 AM

    i think in gta 6 it'll be better because in red dead redemption 2 online the missions are fun and you actually make a decent amount of money

  • Blory_plory31 LV.13 Try Hard Feb 29, 2020, 07:24 AM

    idc im not getting im tired of rockstar on the bs dlc luke the og gta fucking amazing gta5 no thanks

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    did I ask??

  • DALLAS LV.3 Beast Feb 29, 2020, 07:12 AM

    Prolly bully 2

  • WolfieFNNS LV.4 The Best Feb 29, 2020, 07:13 AM

    After Bully 2 its gonna be GTA VI then Red Dead Redemption 3

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  • Gotcha.TSM fan LV.5 Lurker Mar 2, 2020, 12:21 PM

    Im betting September this year

  • Jefę J. Nathan LV.1 Mootie Feb 29, 2020, 07:06 AM

    2021 or end of 2020

  • Orlando Power LV.2 Lurker Feb 29, 2020, 07:14 AM

    Nah it would be 2021 or 2022 it would t be so close to the release of the new consoles

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    yea im existing

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    no it could be a up date 😐

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    It's about time...

  • Orlando Power LV.2 Lurker Feb 29, 2020, 07:13 AM

    Back in the day when gta v was only 2 years old I said 2022 is the year and I’m still sticking by that because red dead was delayed by a year or 2 can’t remember and I know the date we first get said to be the release is not going to be the actual release date

  • JagerisAstro LV.6 Carry Me Feb 29, 2020, 07:13 AM

    a new would be nice because it been awhile