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The Daily Moot (3/12/18)

1. Fortnite Mobile Sign-Ups are Live!

Last week it was announced that Fortnite Battle Royale will be coming to iOS and Android devices. Today, those who have an iOS device are able to sign up for the waiting list which will give players an email invitation when you are able to play. Android users will have to wait for now, but your opportunity will be coming sometime in the near future! The game is set to support cross play between Mac, PC, PS4, and of course mobile. Fortnite is gradually taking over the entire gaming industry as they continue to reinvent the battle royale style game as we know it.

  2. Super Smash Bros. Will Probably be a New Game   Last week Nintendo Switch fans rejoiced everywhere as the news was spread about Super Smash Bros. coming to the new console. The biggest question now is if the game will be a port from the Wii U, or will it be a brand new game for the Nintendo Switch? IGN has reason to believe it will indeed be a brand spankin' new game. A handful of their reasons are as follows: there is no specific title yet, the developers are a completely new team than before, their website has been revamped, and lastly the tweet from Masahiro Sakurai about the state of the game. Check out the article from IGN to see all the reasons why the next Super Smash Bros. will be a brand new game.

  3. NHL’s First eSports Championship   The National Hockey League is putting on its first esports championship this month with a prize pool of $100,000. The best 24 players from Canada, Europe, and the U.S.A will come together to compete for the title as the best NHL player in the “world”. Registration is currently underway and the competition for qualifying pools will begin on March 24th with a total of 1,024 players. Expect other traditional sports to make a splash in 2018 in terms of gaming.

  4. Vermintide II is Awesome   Warhammer: Vermintide II is the best four player cooperative role playing game since Left 4 Dead according to Time Rodgers of Kotaku. Rodgers states that the gameplay is just downright beautiful and the melee is impressive as ever. Check out the link to get a better light on the review of Warhammer: Vermintide II and why you just might enjoy the game as well!

  5. Darwin Project Hits Early Access   The Darwin Project officially went into early access on Steam this past weekend and did exceedingly well. While the game is not necessarily for everyone, it does has its place for a large portion of video game players. The battle royale style game takes place in a snowy Canada and allows 10 players to duke it out in any way imaginable. In addition, there is a spectator tool built into Mixer and Twitch that allows viewers to influence the gameplay in many fashions. Right now the game is $15 on Steam and is looking to be the next big battle royale game.

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