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The Daily Moot (1/15/20)

1. Ninja Get His Own Fortnite Skin

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It has finally happened - Ninja is getting his very own Fornite skin. The skin is an exact replica of Ninja including his lightning blue hair and his blue and yellow attire. You can get the skin tomorrow at 4pm PT which will include the Ninja outfit, the Ninja Edge back bling, the Ninja emote (pon pon), and dual katanas pickaxe! The Ninja deal will only be available through January 19th at 5pm PT so get don't forget to get it tomorrow! Now that Ninja has his own skin.... who's next?!

  2. Rainbow Six Siege: Road to Six   Rainbow Six Siege just got some awesome new updates in anticipation for the upcoming Six Invitational 2020. Among these updates is a brand new map called Stadium which features a kill house lined with bulletproof glass, guaranteed to create some unique and captivating gameplay. When playing on Stadium, players will have all Operators unlocked and available, making it the perfect opportunity to try out new Operators. There’s also a new battle pass available today, with loot spread out over the next 5 weeks. The Six Invitational, which will feature the top 16 Rainbow Siege Siege teams, begins on February 7. Ubisoft also dropped a new trailer for the event called "The Program," check it out below:

  3. Destiny 2 Mystery   Something strange is happening in Destiny 2’s Corridors of Time. A new quest is enticing players to explore the corridors which are occasionally available through Osiris’s Sundial. Through the quest, you can gain access to a secret room with new lore cards, strange symbols, and a “mysterious thing.” The event has players and puzzle-solvers in a frenzy in an attempt to unravel the mystery but so far nobody has been able to crack the code. Perhaps you can be the first?

  4. PUBG Season 6   PUBG Season 6 just hit the test servers, giving players a chance to preview what’s to come. Try out the all-new 64-player map Karakin. Karakin is a 2x2km map with big open spaces and is designed for fast-paced play. The map also features something called a “Black Zone,” which strikes a random area and transforms it. If the new map isn’t already enticing enough, it also features PUBG’s first flying vehicle, allowing you to rain down terror from the skies above.

  5. Visions of N’Zoth   The latest update for World of Warcraft, Visions of N’Zoth, is now live! The Old God N’Zoth has made his return and must be defeated by the Heroes of the Horde and Alliance in the new Ny’alotha raid. That’s not the only new thing, Visions of N’Zoth also introduces two new races to the game, the fox-like Vulpera and the half-machine Mechagnomes.

  6. Slay the Spire 2.0   Slay the Spire, one of the most unique and critically-acclaimed games of 2019, just got a massive new update. After months of beta testing, the first new character “The Watcher” has finally gone live. The Watcher is described as “a blind ascetic who is fond of miracles and peeping at cards in her draw pile.” The update also included a bunch of balance changes and quality of life improvements, including the introduction of an all-new Potion Lab. Think you have what it takes to slay the spire?

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    the event is cool. would of been more cool if it would added some packs too like they used too. but hey atleast we have a good map and some temporary skins by default right?

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