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The Daily Moot (1/14/20)

News Picks

1. New Indie Games Lounge!

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Introducing the all-new Indie Games lounge! Now you finally have a place to discuss all your favorite games that don’t have their own lounge. The Admin team will be posting a lot of awesome new content in the Indie Games lounge, so be sure to pin the lounge and follow your Moot Admins (Ryan, Rue, Dylan, and Brian)! Also check out our Best Games of the Decade List below; which admin do you think has the best taste in gaming?

  2. Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 Pass Leak   The Year 5 Pass for Rainbow Six Siege just leaked and you’re probably not gonna like what you see. The leak revealed a decrease in new Operators from 8 to 6. That’s not all, the pass which used to include 600 extra credits won’t include any this time. Hopefully this isn’t part of the “new vision” the new core development team was talking about. Although things aren’t looking good, the leak is still unconfirmed and the details could change by the time the pass actually releases.

  3. Epic Confirms Free Games through 2020   Epic gave away dozens of incredible games last year and it appears there are more to come! Many people expected the weekly freebies would come to an end in 2020, and were surprised to see free games in the Epic Games Store earlier this month. Fortunately, Epic put fears to rest today, officially confirming that they will be giving away free games every week for the entirety of 2020. Yay for free games!

  4. Marvel’s Avengers Delayed   The release date for the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers game has been delayed. Originally expected to launch in May, the game will now launch on September 4. The developers, Crystal Dynamics, said they want to spend more time polishing and fine-tuning the game. While fans will no doubt be disappointed by the delay, they certainly won’t mind as long as the end product truly is polished and fine-tuned. We’ll have to wait and see about that.

  5. DOOM Eternal Trailer 2   Bethesda just dropped a new trailer for DOOM Eternal this morning. The trailer features hype cinematics certain to entice fans, as well as clips of real gameplay footage showing what you can expect in the game. DOOM Eternal launches March 20, 2020.

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    Pretty sure that's literally what the Indie Games lounge is for lol

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    In(cubator)die Games Lounge