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The Daily Moot (11/28/19)

News Picks

1. Red Dead Redemption 2 arriving on Steam December 5th

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In an update that has many PC gaming enthusiasts excited as heck, Red Dead Redemption 2 arrives on Steam December 5th. While it currently does not have a Steam store listing, it likely will go up closer to the day (if not the day of). Even though the game will be purchased from Steam, it appears that it will still require the Rockstar Games Launcher to play.

  2. Index, Valve’s VR headset sees stock depleted thanks to Half Life: Alyx

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15 years after the launch of Half Life 2, Valve announced Half Life: Alyx, the VR-only prequel-sequel that has the internet goin’ nuts. It seems that the demand was even higher than anticipated, as the US and Canadian availability of the Index has run thin. Luckily preorders for specific bundles still include promising shipment dates, and for those outside of the US and Canada still retain hope - Valve offers its Index headsets in 31 countries.

  3. Riot introduces new Champion with “one of the highest skill ceilings in the game”

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Riding the wave of Senna, League of Legends’ monstrously utility-heavy and downright awesome champion (who’s kit some claimed is pretty OP) comes their new marksman champ, Aphelios. Aphelios, as described by Riot themselves, has “one of the highest skill ceilings in the game” - and after reading their “Kit Primer” for the moonlit scented hunter, they aren’t kidding. We won’t go into specifics as the primer itself is worth reading in its entirety, but Aphelios is so complex he has his own unique HUD elements. Hardstuck Silver elo players rejoice!

  4. Destiny 2: Season of Dawn approaches

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Following many destroyed Vex, Hive, and other problematic intergalactic planetary pushovers, Guardians are anticipating the closing of Destiny 2’s current Season, Season of the Undying. Season of the Undying provided players with tons of interesting new features, content, and its fair share of game-breaking or otherwise hair-pulling bugs and troubles (looking at you, AGAIN, Telesto) and our guess is Season of Dawn will continue the trend of slowly shaping the already malleable Destiny. More News on the new Season is to come on December 4th, and Season of Dawn itself begins December 10th so be sure to check it out (and to finish your Season Passes!)

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