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The Daily Moot (11/21/19)

1. Steam’s Remote Play Goes Live

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Steam has just revolutionized multiplayer gaming with the launch of their new Remote Play feature. Now you can finally play your favorite local co-op games with all your friends across the globe. Here’s the best part: only one person needs to own the game! Not only do your friends not have to buy the game, they don’t even have to install it. Because they don’t have to have the game installed, this allows players to play PC games on any compatible device including mobile!

  2. Rainbow Six Siege Free Weekend   Rainbow Six Siege free weekend is back and this time it features an all-new Money Heist crossover event. In collaboration with Netflix, Ubisoft is basing the event on the Spanish crime drama La Casa de Papel (known in the US as Money Heist). Unfortunately it seems the name is a bit of a misnomer as you don’t actually get to heist any money. Free Weekend will last from November 21-24, and all versions of the game will be on sale in the Ubisoft store during the event.

  3. Sniper Elite is Becoming a Board Game   The popular tactical shooter Sniper Elite is being made into a board game by Rebellion Unplugged. Rebellion Unplugged is the newly launched board game division of video game studio Rebellion Developments. Sniper Elite will be their first venture into the world of physical games and is being described as a “competitive stealth action game for two to four players.” Do you think any of your favorite video games would make a good board game?

  4. Details on Xbox Project Scarlett   After years of speculation and silence, we finally have some details on Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox known only by its codename “Project Scarlett.” The new Xbox is expected to launch late 2020 and will feature custom-built AMD components as well as an SSD to ensure fast speeds. While it won’t rival the specs of top PCs, the new Xbox will likely be the most powerful gaming console in the world when it launches next year.

  5. Pokemon Sword and Shield is the fastest-selling Switch Game   Pokemon Sword and Shield set the record for the fastest-selling Switch game in history with over 6 million copies sold in the first week. Breaking records is nothing new to Pokemon; their last main installment Sun and Moon became the fastest selling game of all time in the Western world. It’s worth noting that Sword and Shield has already earned its fair share of controversy so we’ll have to see if the sales numbers continue to hold up.

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