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The Daily Moot (11/14/19)

1. Epic Launches new RPG “Battle Breakers”

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Epic Games surprised launched their new hero collector role-playing game “Battle Breakers” on Android, iOS, and PC. Although the game was first announced over 2 years ago, it was built as a passion project by a small team and much of its development has been kept in secret. Battle Breakers is free-to-play, seamlessly cross-platform, and all of your progress is saved between devices. Now it’s your turn to assemble the ultimate team of super warriors and save the planet.

  2. Herman Miller is getting into gaming   The world of gaming chairs is a contentious one. Half the world seems to think racing-style chairs are best for gaming while the other half thinks office chairs are best. Now those two worlds are colliding as Herman Miller has announced a partnership with Complexity Gaming. There’s no word yet on when their first line of gaming chairs will come out but they probably won’t be cheap. Would you spend thousands of dollars on a gaming chair?

  3. Bleeding Edge release date leaked   Fans of Ninja Theory were hoping to get some new information about Bleeding Edge at X019 but the Microsoft Store jumped the gun and posted the release dates early. The listings (which have since been removed) showed that Bleeding Edge will launch on March 24, with two closed betas on February 14 and March 13.

  4. Halo: Reach is on the way   Halo fans rejoice, Reach is on the way! It was suspected that Halo: Reach would be ready for the holiday season but it looks like we finally have some concrete information. According to the Microsoft store, the PC version of Halo: Reach will launch on December 3. Microsoft hasn’t released any information about the Xbox release date, but you can expect an announcement at today’s X019.

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