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The Daily Moot (11/4/19)

1. HUGE Modern Warfare Datamine

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A new datamine has revealed that Infinity Ward has BIG plans regarding DLC moving forward. It is rumored up to 38 maps are set to grace Modern Warfare… 38!! While that is a big number, it is important to note that just because all of those maps were datamined it does not guarantee they will all make the cut. Check out the link below to get a full list of maps (potentially) coming to Modern Warfare!

  2. FaZe Jarvis Perma-banned from Fortnite   FaZe Jarvis, one of the top Fortnite players in the world, has been permanently banned for using an aim-bot. Jarvis idiotically thought it would be a good idea to use an aimbot on an alt account, record himself doing it, and upload it to YouTube. Clearly, this was not a great idea. Jarvis recorded an apology video and posted it to his YouTube channel. If you are ever thinking of cheating in a video game, remember this incident.

  3. Next Overwatch Hero   Last weekend, Overwatch 2 was announced and people everywhere are rather excited. The next Hero also was revealed but people seem to be overlooking that news. The next hero is named Sojourn and she is a Canadian badass with cybernetic enhancements. We do not know too much about Sojourn and her abilities yet, but we will likely hear more relatively soon.

  4. Some Modern Warfare Guns Are Bugged   Do you suck at Call of Duty? Us too! However, it turns out you may not be as bad as you think! Apparently some guns including the Kilo 141 assault rifle, the M-13 assault rifle, and the MP-5 submachine gun are all slightly bugged. The guns have extremely high recoil when crouched, so much that people are claiming the guns are actually bugged. Have you guys been experiencing this problem?

  5. Kojima Productions to Being Making Movies   Kojima Productions newest game, Death Stranding is coming out very soon on November 8th and people are super excited. However, before the game even released, the company is making headlines regarding something completely different. Apparently Kojima Productions are planning to create movies in the future! I guess we could have anticipated this after they began working with Norman Reedus, one of the main characters in the popular TV program, The Walking Dead.

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