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The Daily Moot (3/6/18)

1. Far Cry 5's Map Editor is Insane

Far Cry 5’s map editor, aka Far Cry Arcade, is going the be the best map editor in any game to date. The concept of a map editor is simple, give players tools to create and environment and then populate the environment with enemies, items, and vehicles. The combinations are endless and have essentially no boundaries. The coolest part is that you will now be able to include items, vehicles, and enemies from almost any Ubisoft game ever made. Get ready to let your imagination run wild when the game is released on March 27th!

  2. Fortnite is the Most Watched Game on Twitch   Fortnite has officially passed PUBG as the most watched game on Twitch, averaging over live 150,000 viewers at any given time. In the past two weeks alone, Twitch viewers have watched over 5,000 years of gameplay. That is insane! Fortnite is showing unprecedented growth in the video game sector as it now seems that literally everyone is playing the game. Check out the article to see more statistics on Fortnite’s incredible run!

  3. The Witcher Crossover?   Geralt, the star from The Witcher franchise, will be a guest star in a new game coming out later this year! Marcin Momot, the community lead for CD Projekt Red, sent out a tweet hinting at the possibility of a crossover including Geralt. Many people are already suggesting he could be coming to Soulcalibur 6, Final Fantasy XV, or even Monster Hunter: World. The possibilities are endless. What game do you think Geralt will come to? Let us know in the comments!

  4. Fortnite PS4 and PC Crossplay Still Works   Fortnite, the extremely popular game developed by Epic Games, is still able to be crossed over between PC and PS4. It is pretty cool that you can cross platforms, but it seems a bit unfair because whoever has the PC has a inherently large advantage. If you don’t mind the advantage and you want to play with your buddy but he has an alternative system, worry no more! Check out the link to learn exactly how to make it happen.

  5. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Gets a New Map and Game Mode   Activision’s 2015 entry to the Call of Duty series, Black Ops 3, just received a major update including a new game mode and new map. The new game mode, Infected, includes one singular player who is infected and tries to infect the rest of the players until the horde includes everyone, or a non-infected player outlives the clock. The new map, Redwood Snow, is a snow covered version of the already existing map, Redwood. It is always fun and exciting to see game developers care for older games by updating game modes and maps.

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