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The Daily Moot (8/7/18)

1. Fortnite V5.20 Adds Double Barrel Shotgun and new LTM

Although double pumping is gone, it now lives on in spirit with the new Double Barrel Shotgun. The Double Barrel comes in epic and legendary rarities and can do up to 188 damage with one shot ‘at extreme close range.’ The new Limited Time Mode is Steady Storm; there won’t be any safe zones and the storm constantly closes in. For Battle Royale, Vending Machines are getting buffed and Remote Explosives are receiving nerfs. Read the full changes in the patch notes.

  2. Hearthstone’s New Expansion ‘The Boomsday Project’ is now Live   Hearthstone’s second expansion of the year is based around the iconic character Dr. Boom. The Boomsday Project introduces 135 new cards to the game, including legendary spells for the first time and the Magnetic keyword. Magnetic is a keyword found on mech minions that enables them to combine together into one minion. The expansion also introduces the Puzzle Lab, which provides players with challenging single player puzzles.

  3. Blizzard Teases Summer Games Skins Ahead of Annual Event   Overwatch’s Summer Games event starts this Thursday and Blizzard has started teasing some skins on their twitter. The Summer Games has consistently delivered some of the best Overwatch skins to date, so it is always an exciting time for fans. Teased skins so far include Cabana Ana, Gridironhardt Reinhardt, Waveracer D.VA, and Catcher Winston.

  4. Master Chief Confirmed as Main Character in Halo TV Series   While we probably all expected Master Chief to be the focal point of the upcoming Halo TV series, it is nice to have it confirmed by Showtime. The series is targeting a 2020 release date and will tell a new story in the Halo universe. The story is apparently meant to focus on “the inside human drama” more so than the tradition science fiction themes.

  5. GTA Online Update Introduces B-11 Strikeforce and new DJ   Another week, another GTA Online update. This update introduces the B-11 Strikeforce, an all-new Military Attack aircraft vehicle you can purchase for $3,800,000 from Warstock Cache and Carry. There is also another real-life DJ making their premiere virtual appearance. This week’s DJ is Dixon, a Techno Music DJ coming out of Berlin. Finally, you can get 25% off certain vehicles and properties this week. Check the link below to see the full update breakdown.

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